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John C. Dvorak

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This, commentary, of course is what the No Agenda Show has been exposing for the last 7 years. Exactly this! Just Google words No Agenda to find out more.

John C. Dvorak

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Hank Ballard was always considered "too black" to get the credit for this song and others he recorded that were ripped off by others. Another example is Kansas City (here I come). A shame really.

John C. Dvorak

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My article on the upcoming Superbowl and why the Niners will win and change the face of football styles. Do NOT read if you like the status quo or actually think the Ravens can win
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Glad to hear that from you, John.  I've missed your articles for many years (somehow).
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John C. Dvorak

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We do some Canadian news when we can. Also I believe that we are the only two podcasters who know who Stephen Harper is. And I have personally been shown McKenzies old office with the secret door and taken through it to the secret exit. And in the past I've written for one Canadian newspaper and one magazine. AND I was once interviewed by Rex Murphy! So I'm probably as Canadian as anyone living in Nunavet. Adam not so much.
I must say, I'm a bit suprised with how popular the 'Best Podcast in the Universe' is with our Canadian Resources. Clearly, the show has a decidedly US- Dominant slant in content and time-use.  I find it more interesting because I'm dual-citizen(CAN/AM,) but can our Canadian Slaves tell us what about the Show is reaching them so effectively?
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Your only problem is that you spelled Nunavut wrong!

We Canadians love the can-con on the show, and since America is so close we always pay keen attention to what's going on down south.
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John C. Dvorak

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This bottle costs about the same as a new Ford Focus, maybe more.
What +John C. Dvorak needs to understand about Google+ and Twitter.

If Costco were having a two-for-one sale on a nice Bordeaux, writer and podcaster +John C. Dvorak would be first in line. As both a lover of Bordeaux and a savvy financial guy, he wouldn't dream of saying: "No, I just want one bottle, even though two bottles are the same price."

Yet that's what he does with social networking. And he's not alone. A LOT of people do this. Let me explain. 

John's podcast, called +No Agenda, which he does twice a week with Podfather +Adam Curry, often talks about the pros and cons of Google+, as they did on yesterdays' broadcast. In the episode (which had a hilarious segment about Google+, by the way -- listen to the link below starting at 10:30 for the Google+ bit), John expressed his preference for Twitter over Google+.

First of all, John belittled the value of having a verified account -- this from a guy forced to use "TheRealDvorak" rather than JohnCDvorak on Twitter because some troll is using his unverified name on Twitter.

Anyway, not using Google+ because you prefer Twitter is like turning down a free bottle of Bordeaux. 

Why? Because by posting your tweets on Google+, then auto-posting on Twitter, gives you both for the price of one. 

Personally, I view Twitter as an extension of Google+. I post on G+, and Twitter tweets just happen. I started out doing this to save time. But I got in four months the same follower count on Google+ that it took me four years to get on Twitter. 

Here's how to auto-post to Twitter. 

Go to ManageFlitter and sign up for a "Pro" account. (It's cheap.) Then, go to the following link and add the URL to your Google+ profile to auto-post to Twitter.

That's it! Now, when you want to send a "tweet," you just do it on Google+. The item is posted here, and also on Twitter. 

Of course, if you want to exceed the 140 character limit, or post a video or post a dozen pictures, you can just do that without the fascist, arbitrary requirement to cram your ideas into 140 characters of ASCII. 

Links on Twitter go back to the Google+ post where people can have a civilized conversation, rather than the barbaric @mention gymnastics required on Twitter. 
Posting on Twitter and Google+ is identical in terms of effort. The only difference is that posting on Twitter = one bottle of bordeaux and posting on Google+ = two. 

It also needs to be said that you get audience MUCH faster on Google+. John has been devoted to Twitter for years, and has a respectable 86k followers. 

He's barely posted on Google+, and has already gotten into 25k circles. By posting on Google+ and auto-posting to Twitter, John's G+ following would exceed his Twitter following within a year, driving more traffic to his columns, more listeners to his podcast and - by the way -- more donations to his listener-supported podcast. 

Why would +John C. Dvorak turn down this delicious free bottle of bordeaux? Especially since the second bottle will grow into the only one big enough to matter. 
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I've been using for free to auto tweet all my Google+ posts with a "G+: " at the beginning of each tweet. I think they auto-integrate the images and videos also. But if has started charging people you can surely find a free alternative somewhere online that does the same. Just click two places to allow manageflitter access to your twitter account and point it to your Google+ profile page and it'll instantly auto-tweet all your Google+ posts.

I got 1000 followers on twitter in 5 years.
I got 13000 followers on Google+ in 1 year.

G+ is by far much better than Twitter at eveything. And G+ is just starting. The Google+ Hangouts are just a test for now. Twitter is just noise that only benefits few famous people (so that is why they keep talking about it). Twitter is just a self-promotional tool for already famous people. But a very inefficient self-promoting tool. Less than 1% of your Twitter followers are ever going to read your tweets anyways. Twitter is useless noise that's just mostly a waste of storage, bandwidth and time.
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John C. Dvorak

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Ho can there be no comments??

John C. Dvorak

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now everyone is annoyed I wasn't moaning on G+ rather than Twitter about my episode with the Google police blacklist system. Everytime I find to find a thread or anything to "respond to" it's buried under a lot of obfuscation. For example. Some guy responded to a comment and I got the message but there was no direct link to the comment which was buried under someone else's thread. Also with all the sidebars and the things spinning on G+ I'm always reminded of those crazy slot machines you find in England with all the "nudge" buttons. It's like that. Unless you are playing them all the time it's a confused time waster. Hence the simplicity of Twitter.

While some people like convolution (D&D players mostly) I do not.

Now if I was just sitting on G+ all day none of this would be a problem. But everyone knows I am not a big fan of the systems. And I do not use Facebook at all. I find these communities oddly artificial. AT least on Twitter it is now really about "communities" or "circles." It's a straight back-and-forth.And that actually seems more natural.

I'm never refusing to respond. 
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I'm the D&D guy that likes the convoluted rules, but ONLY in that realm. :) Of course, if you get too simple, than I just don't understand it. ...I think that might be a condition.
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John C. Dvorak

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Check your spam boxes to make sure you got the No Agenda Newsletter. White list me.
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Yes, Happy Birthday John......LOVE the No Agenda Show
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John C. Dvorak

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seen at the inauguration...what a character
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Sonidavied@gmail com
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John C. Dvorak

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AHA..Onion of course. BUT wait until next year. This may have given them an idea.
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Poe's Law rear's it's head again.
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John C. Dvorak

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categories from me: college football, wine tips. I'm sure the group can do the rest easily.
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+rodolfo sanchez +John C. Dvorak Yes, please! And Vodka. And whiskey. And Bourbon. And ...
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John C. Dvorak

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OK, I've jointed to celebrate the New Year. See you all after the Champagne and fireworks. Been tracking the fiscal cliff nonsense. Cannot make heads or tails as to what they have or have not actually done.
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i was attempting to keep up and gave in around 930 monday night. figured id hear everything i needed to know by thursday.
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John C. Dvorak

Columnist, Author, Editor

Current Weekly Tech Columnist for Dow-Jones Marketwatch. Columnist for PC Magazine writing Inside Track, an essay and a weekly online column.These articles are licensed around the world. Columnist for Info! (Brazil) and BUG Magazine (Croatia).

Also does a weekly TV video podcast Crankygeeks as well as a daily Tech podcast called Tech5 and the weekly podcasts This Week in Tech (500,000 listeners) and No Agenda with Adam Curry as well as working as the Tech Channel VP at Podshow, inc. Featured on CNBC as a guest analyst.

Previously a columnist for Forbes, Forbes Digital, PC World, Barrons, MacUser, PC/Computing, Smart Business and other magazines and newspapers. Former editor and consulting editor for Infoworld. Has appeared in the New York Times, LA Times, Philadelphia Enquirer, SF Examiner, Vancouver Sun. Was on the start-up team for CNet TV as well as ZDTV. At ZDTV (and TechTV) was host of Silicon Spin for four years doing 1000 live and live-to-tape TV shows. Also was on public radio for 8 years. Written over 4000 articles and columns as well as authoring or co-authoring 14 books.

2004 Award winner of the American Business Editors Association's national gold award for best online column of 2003. That was followed up by an unprecedented second national gold award from the ABEA in 2005, again for the best online column (for 2004). Won the Silver National Award for best magazine column in 2006.

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