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+Bajorky Niceman , pañero! Sali kayo dito! Premyo Nike na running shoes! \m/

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Ang galing naman ng itsura ng rock formation na to!! Hohoho!

It looks like it's the end of the road for me for the time being! Thank you to all of my friends here. Hope to see you again in 3 months. Ciao!

Bored, Hungry, Sleepy. The Life of a Transcriber???

+Wyan Gwospe , pornographic memory??? Hohoho \m/

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Oh noooooo!! Ganun pa din! Parang patak lang sa gripong may tulo ang mga messages! I see dead people at kasama na ako dun! Amfufu!!

Ayun oh! Biglang tumahimik ang Google+....

Ano? Wala na ba?????
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