Dear Apple,

The year is 2012. You've released a product that is going to be making headlines around the world for the next month. Nice screen, by the way. I can't wait to test your claim that LTE only shaves an hour off of your battery life. But, I digress...

How is it that you can release such a piece of hardware, but remain in the dark ages when it comes to showing the product off to the people of the world. You don't broadcast your presentation, forcing us to read live blogs from the people you deemed worthy to attend your event. When you finally do release the videos for the product, you force your would-be audience to sacrifice their email address to you so they can install QuickTime to watch the videos.

Guys, do you know when the last time I used QuickTime on purpose was? Never. There's no need for it. Weren't you guys all about HTML5 a little while ago? What, did you decide to crawl back to QuickTime when you realized that Google was going to make damn sure you didn't own the web with H.264? What's the point of this behavior, exactly?

You are often considered one of the greatest technology companies on the planet right now, could you please act like it and stop this foolish behavior? I'd really appreciate it, and I bet you'll find that I am not alone.
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