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I found this article again today.

As Microsoft is trying desperately to make various products relevant again through all kinds of advertising, this article points out some pretty remarkable reasons why they lost relevance in the industry. I still have large disrespect for how unresponsible they remain for the state of virus and malware penetration into the windows runtime.

Slowly but surely Windows is becoming unnecessary as people with software engineering educations are placed in positions where the right decisions about leaving the Windows platform can be made.

Current commercials about the Windows tablet vs iPad provide an interesting view into the relevancy campaign. They are targeting physical system design characteristics and not software details as the differences that are important. That starts to eliminate the Windows name from the discussion. I wonder if that is a weak attempt at separating it from the historical view of the PC.

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I received a link to in my email today. What struct me, was that it's the Republicans who have seemed to stand around with the idea of "lets' point fingers and say your ideas suck." to the democrats instead of having healthy discussion and sharing their ideas publicly for how to solve those problems using conservative or "better than the democrats ideas" ways.

If the speaker really wants to hear ideas, then he also needs to be able to debate about them (Don't modulate the key and then not debate with me!).

What this country needs more than anything is to stop focusing on the freaking MONEY. MONEY is manufactured opportunity. It is nothing with any real substance behind it except this gentlemen's agreement about trade balancing and GDP ratios etc.

What is happening with money today, is that all the wealth from the middle class purchases is being shipped to third world countries (and China and India etc.) where labor is cheap. We are literally rebuilding their economies like the 20's, 30's and 40's required in the US.

Until those countries have their poverty income propped up to the same level as the west poverty income, the money is going to continue to go in that direction. Conservative ideals of closing trade deals, sealing the borders and restricting trade to try and keep the money in the west is only going to prolong the eventual outcome.

We are so darn focuses on making sure that people must pay the price, earn their keep, not get luck, not be successful without bleeding for it, etc., that we can't actually understand that money accomplishes nothing more than create restrictions in our overall productivity because we keep waiting for money to make it happen. It's time and muscle that make things happen, Money is just something we've decided we have to have as our reward for being productive.

We should instead be focused on being happy that we accomplished things, be happy that we helped make things happen that needed to happen, and just do good things for great results.

Sure, all the arguments about evil people, bad habits, horrible things that go bump in the night, etc. make it seem that money needs to be there and be a motivator and be the solution. But, if money was really the solution, wouldn't we pay people who are performing poorly, more, to encourage them or help them with life issues, so that they could perform better? If we don't need people to perform completely, but would rather pay them to perform just well enough for that money to generate profitable business, then that seems like exactly why we can't seem to accomplish anything useful when all we care about is the money!

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This man created the theater and stage sound that we know today!

One of the greatest problems that exists in the US is the number of people who actually get sucked into buy AT&T UVERSE without a legitimate back haul network. My parents got a raw deal on UVERSE. They bought the up to 15Mbs package and are lucky to get 3-4Mbs. My wife's brother has a similar experience. Their UVERSE just stops Internet traffic so often that you are lucky to load any page without punching a reload button a handful of times.

The primary problem is that the copper infrastructure is pretty much useless. Rain has a tremendous effect on the reliability of their service.

The amazing bits are about how little chance the average AT&T employee seems to have to make customers happy.

AT&T continues to under estimate what the impact of their failure to deliver is. The only thing on their side is that they continue to run luring deal to get customers with more expensive services such as cable or satellite to switch.

Cable is preparing to deliver 1Gbs services to the home.

Not much chance to compete with that.

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This is quite cool. I need this!

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There are lots of Bigfoot discussions happening in so many places.  This community is a place to find out more about research and understanding of Bigfoot.

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One of the most frustrating things that I find about on line shopping is that there are still companies who don't understand how much more they could sell by actually participating in the on line market place.

I was recently looking on line for pricing and features of ZTR mowers.  I found that many companies such as #hustler  and others don't allow their partner stores to provide prices directly visible on line.  Now, I am sure that they think that this is beneficial to them in some ways.

I think of some of the more silly thoughts are concepts like:

1) If we don't show our price, our competitors can't under price us.
2) If we don't show our price, our customers will come ask questions and learn more about our product before not buying it.
3) If we don't show our price, our customers will think they are buying into a much higher end market system which will be valuable to them and make them look good to their neighbors.

I don't know, maybe there are other stupid ideas for why prices should not be visible to customers.  In the end, I will just not waste my time to go looking for prices by putting products into carts and clicking through several pages and filling out some minimal collection of data just to get a price.  To me, that's disrespectful of my time and pretty much seals the deal that I will go shop somewhere else or for some other brand.

I wonder how many people actually find it beneficial to them to have to chase down prices?

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When I was stopped at an intersection in OKC, I saw one of these come down the street, go across the parking lot and dump a whole ton of sand and trash on a convertible that had the top down.  The woman driver came out just after that and the look on her face was just hilarious.   She had no idea what had "dumped" on her car, and I am sure it was significant in quantity of sand and trash based on what I saw.
When I was only 13 years old we lived on a dusty old dirt road here in Alexander County and used to if we kids saw a small dust devil, nothing ever as intense as this one in your video post, we would sometimes run into it and close our eyes. I ran into one that came up the road one hot summer day and closed my eyes tight and that was the last time I ever did that because I felt it lift me off the ground slightly and that scared me half to death! No more dust devils for me after that!
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