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Alan Ogle
The only easy day was yesterday.
The only easy day was yesterday.

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can we get the press and hold function for 3d press? not the swipe. Also need more app support for this function. Not all seem to be supported yet such as google keep

Ok just got my invite. If I just want to try it out I can port my Google voice number or get a new one correct? And just swap out the sim card from fi or T-Mobile?

#windows10  WOW!  I am loving it!  Made me a windows fan all over again!

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Hell yes!
Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Comic Con Trailer HD


Not all widgets are supported. please help. such as google now widget.

Magic ball never shows. After turning on it just disappears. 

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Get Google Photos later today on the web, on Google Play and in the App Store #io15

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Chromecast Gets Autoplay, Queuing, Second Screen And Multiplayer Game Powers

yes, i am watching the google i/o live stream!
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