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Making money from your data
Making money from your data

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Explorers and farmers: What is a ‘Data Scientist’?
I am not sure the term ‘Data Scientist’ means anything anymore. As often happens with new buzzwords, they take on a life of their own and the original meaning becomes diluted. But I do think the term was useful and could be useful to distinguish from other data related functions in the organization, and I feel it is worth reclaiming the term for this precise usage.

Read more at CYBAEA Journal and let us know your thoughts in the comments here. #data #business

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+Allan Engelhardt writes on the data opportunities in the Insurance industry and wonders if, in the current political climate, there is a risk that they will be forced to act upon them.

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Last chance to sign up for Marketing Analytics using R training course from +CYBAEA. We start on Monday! and I am very excited to run this course again. We used to do it with Revolution Analytics before they became part of Microsoft Advanced Analytics. 100% positive feedback from previous students.
#rstats #training

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Last chance to sign up with the super early bird discount
Register now:

This course will give you the skills to use R effectively within a direct marketing function to generate business results. We assume basic understanding of the tool and focus on how to use it within the business, leaving more in-depth technical topics for the homework exercises to those students who are interested.

This is an extremely popular course and is back by popular demand. This course has 100% positive recommender score from all previous participants. Early booking is recommended.

Format: Live instructor-led online classroom. 5 days duration with 4 hours / day of live tutorials with teacher-supported homework exercises for those students who want to dive deeper into the technical details. This format is designed for professionals who need to manage their day-jobs while studying.

Dates: 31 October - 04 November 2016.

Time of day: Each day lasts for 4 hours and starts 07:00 San Francisco time, 10:00 New York, 12:00 Sao Paulo, 14:00 London (GMT/UTC), 15:00 Amsterdam, or 18:00 Dubai time.

Sign up now:


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We follow up our previous manager's guide to Net Promoter Score confidence intervals with a post for practitioners that has all the maths, stats, and R code #rstats you could want.
Do you put error bars on your NPS data?

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Happy New Year to all of our friends. May 2016 bring you good health, much happiness, and every success.

We kick off the year with a short series of articles on the Net Promoter System.

How many responses do you need in order to have an accurate measure of the Net Promoter Score? What is the confidence interval on your score? Do you really know if it has changed since last measure? If you are going to use the score for anything, you need to know the answers to these questions.

For the very impatient, a good rule of thumb is that with 1000 responses you (only) know your Net Promoter Score to within 10 points (±5) and it takes fully 100,000 responses to know the score to one point (±0.5).

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2015 to all of you! Look for some exciting news from us in 2015.

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Registration is now open for the 2014 R in Insurance conference!
This is the second time it is held and the second time CYBAEA is a sponsor. Hope to see you all there.

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By popular demand: 27-31 January 2014 are the new dates for our Marketing Analytics using R training course! Registration is now open with generous early bird discounts.

By popular demand and for the fourth time we are running the highly successful Marketing Analytics using R training course.

This course will give you a solid understanding of the key techniques used in direct marketing for analyzing customer data. We provide a unique mix of business understanding and practical hands-on exercises to give you an understanding of what you need to do, why, and how. The exercises will use the popular R platform for statistical computing and data visualization.

The course runs over five consecutive half-days providing 20 hours of live instructor-led training with additional email and chat support for the exercises, homework, and any related problems from your current job!

The course covers the full customer lifecycle from acquisition through base, retention, and churn, and topics covered in detail include:

    - Campaign definition and analysis
    - Customer segmentation
    - Churn modelling
    - Customer lifetime value
    - Survey analysis
    - And more!

For all details see:

What previous students said:

“Great course, a nice overarching framework, liked the way everything was tied back to campaigns.”

“Thanks Allan! Glad to take the course with you and hearing from your experience! I liked the course because it was not only R (technical) but also Marketing.”

“[I liked that the course] was coming from a person with industry experience.”

“A lot of hands-on information that is hard to find elsewhere.”

Limited spaces! Sign up early.

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New dates for public training courses announced: Marketing Analytics and Insurance Pricing with R

We have new dates for our training courses. We run them with our partners Revolution Analytics and they are online instructor-led training course and feature many practical examples and some home work. They are quite extensive course and run over five days.

We will run the very popular Marketing Analytics with R course again 17-21 June 2013 at a US-friendly time (0900-1300 PDT) and 24-28 June 2013 at a Europe/EMEA-friendly time (0900-1300 London).
Read more here: | Register here:

A new course with Revolutions is Non-Life Insurance Pricing using R which covers using advanced analytics within the Insurance industry using Pricing as the end-to-end example (but we talk about more).
The first week is 9-13 September 2013 at the US-friendly time 0900-1300 PDT, while 23-27 September is at 0900-1300 London time.
Read more here: | Register here:
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