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Hello again! + Tomato Basil Soup
Yes... I'm back. It's been too long, but it was much needed. To be truthful, I wasn't sure when I'd come back on the blog. Well, I'm here now! And it's good to be back. Over time, I've discovered all sorts of new things about myself and about life and healt...

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Cinnamon banana bread = yum!
Got bread?  Ok, this is not my recipe, but oh my wow, it is so delicious! Lately, my family has been experimenting with low fat, oil-free, plant-based recipes, so I thought I would give it a shot, Low Fat Vegan Chef style! She is amazing. You got to check o...

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Burrito bowl idea!!!
Friends!!!!! I want to share a lovely idea with you that I tried yesterday. If you have canned beans and rice (um, hello, staple food!) in your pantry, frozen corn in your freezer, avocados on your kitchen counter, and other burrito-like fixings, like tomat...

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What I've Decided
Hey friends!!!  I've been receiving messages here and there from my readers, and I've also been talked to in person about my blog. To all of you beautiful people who have told me that my blog has been helpful, inspiring, and special to you: I just want to l...

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My Label-free Journey: Exploration, The Struggle, + What I've Discovered So Far...
Hi friends!! It's amazing where this label-free lifestyle journey is taking me. While I believe the vegan lifestyle is hands-down one of the most beautiful things I have ever encountered, my openness to try something else has also been a blessing. Sometimes...

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What Matters Most? + Who Do I Trust?
Hey friends! Have you ever been in a situation where rules just don't apply? Or where the rules you've set for yourself just don't seem to give the better option? Where instead of feeling proud of yourself for following these set "rules", you simply just fe...

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My struggle and my confession
Hey everyone, ... You know those times where you say one thing but then you do another thing? The times where you're human and make mistakes even after you've claimed to have found the true way of doing things? Those times where you know very deeply... that...

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Why your body deserves the best, right now + some new tips I've learned
You have one body. That's it. It is created to be strong, to do great things, to be kind and compassionate, to be radiant and full of life. And yet when you look at the average person, there seems to be a different story. The average person, I've found, is ...

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Obsessing is UNHEALTHY
Hey you!!!! It's been such a long time since I've posted in here - to be honest, I didn't know if I ever would again. My mother tells me to be careful with what I share with others - and I agree -, but I've decided to share what I'm about to tell you so tha...
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