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Around the Bend
Yesterday we were driving in Kyiv, not far from the US Embassy when the road was suddenly closed ahead.  My GPS led me around another way.  One thing about living abroad, you never know what's around the next bend!  This is Kyiv, folks!

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Teacher's Needed Come join us in Ukraine and serve the missionary community by teaching at Kyiv Christian Academy! We need you!

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Family & School Life
We've finished the first quarter of the school year already.  With all the activities in a week, it seems that Monday through Friday are just one long day.  Matthew is playing soccer for the middle school boy's team which involves practices on Monday and We...

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A Royal Party
Today we were honored by the presence of seven princesses to celebrate Elizabeth's 8th birthday.   Abigail did their hair, nails and make-up. After introductions, the Lady of Honor made her appearance. Friends, games, food, and cake made for a memorable day.

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A Case of Ineffeciency
School was out.  For a
change, I was the one making a quick jaunt to the grocery store.  Elizabeth asked how long it would take for us
to get there and I replied, “Just two minutes.” 
In actuality, it took about an hour and half or maybe even two. Traffic w...

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Houses of Ukraine
Friday was perfect weather for our excursion (I love how ELL word choices influence my own use of English) to the National Museum of Ukrainian Architecture and Culture .  We enjoyed the opportunity to visit so many regions of Ukraine all in the span of a fe...

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Let the Summer Begin
Although school has been out for four weeks, I consider
today the first day of my summer break.    I had been working full-time on writing curriculum guides for English
Language Arts grades K-12.   Thankfully, I
didn’t have to do all the work for the upper ...

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Teacher's Needed
It is almost summer vacation here!  I can't believe we have only 2 1/2 more weeks of school. It even seems too soon although the break does sounds good.  We don't take many breaks during the school year to allow missionaries as much summer as possible to tr...

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Last night I couldn't sleep.  I kept wondering whether the ceasefire was holding or not, whether there would be a declaration of martial law by morning or if it was still a day or two away.  I admit to having no confidence in the latest peace agreement, Min...

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Optimism by Candlelight
Optimism by
Candlelight Christmas vacation now greets me at last May grading and teaching be a thing of the past My alarm clock is off; I’m ready to rest Will this Christmas twist be all for the best? Twelve o’clock, eight o’clock here once again The winter...
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