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Hi, I just ordered my set today after receiving an invite this morning. Besides being super excited I wanted to see if there are any things I should consider or know about before getting started ?

Anyone have any ideas for a challenging and fun 2-3 player game? Preferably a fantasy setting, we love GOT for example. I am a newb when it comes to boardgames beyond the "common" stuff we all know.

Hi, we just got the 2nd edition a few days ago and had some trial/learning, what a great game. We had to buy it in French though (since we live in France) and our French is not up to par yet, any ideas where I could download the cards in English? or a list of what they do so we can translate? Thanks

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My Nexus 7 just died...plenty of power and just turned off. Won't turn back on. Its only 2 months This happen to anyone else?

Does anyone know where to get the wallpapers that you can see on the nexus devices in the google Nexus store? They aren't on my N7 or N4...

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New racquet,new shoes, weather is improving , time for summer season ;)

I can't believe how much better this little tablet is than my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. In every way. The note is overpriced, laggy and the keyboard is awful to type on.

I really liked using the iOS app paper, anyone know of a good play store alternative?

Added the N7 to my nexus family this week after I left my 600$ iPad on a flight and it wasn't found. What an amazing device , such a great value and I have all the Google goodness like on my N4. Any awesome apps you find particularly useful on the N7? I love Evernote and spotifiy on all my gadgets.

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