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Entrepreneur, Cloud Technology Expert, Ethics Consultant
Entrepreneur, Cloud Technology Expert, Ethics Consultant

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My dearest friends and family; I wish for you nothing but the best in this new year. May it be filled with happiness, prosperity and success. May none of you experience pain, neglect or sorrow. But most of all, my wish for you is that you will grow in…

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This is something I worked up for a class.
I have mildly edited the statements because it would otherwise be too obvious.
This list is the official political platform of a political party.
Can YOU name the specific party?
[No, not the Libertarians]

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Want to help underserved entrepreneurs in the South?
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Our IndieGoGo campaign for our company. The benefits are:
1) You can get your donation back with interest
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My company goes 'live' today!

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Business cards arrived

To my Catholic friends (well, to anyone, although I doubt too many others will care!).
Over the last few months people have been asking me about Michael Voris, someone I by and large ignore. But, since people asked specific questions about specific things I looked and, frankly, was horrified. In 5 videos of his I found 2 deceptions and at least 2 heretical statements about the faith.
Would anyone be interested in my writing up the (rather serious) errors this pop religious speaking is passing of as the Faith?

  "Children don't want to emulate victims. Children want to emulate heroes."

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I've been asked a few times, especially recently, to give my opinion as a theologian on Michael Voris.
  OK, here goes.
  He slanders and defames clergy in public, engages in scandal, promotes division within the Church,  and he is dishonest.
  I have linked to a prime example of how he is (at best) totally incompetent and (I fear) actively dishonest and a bit on how he foments division in the Church.

Dishonest, you ask? At 00:43 he states the question he asked was, "Is birth control used as birth control always wrong in every instance?"
But that is NOT the question he actually asked, which was,
"do you think a couple using birth control is always wrong in every circumstance?"
  Yes, this is a very different question as there are legitimate medical uses of some contraceptives that are not birth control related! Any well-educated Catholic could (maybe even should) answer 'yes' to the the question he actually asked!
  Now, he could have simply made an error. BUT! Since he read from a slip of paper at 00:43 AND from a slip of paper when actually polling people AND has access to video....
  I believe he is being willfully deceptive.

At about 1:52 he announces, rather dramatically, that 'nearly one third supported contraception'.
  No - they didn't. Perhaps almost 1 in 3 stated that 'a couple using birth control is not wrong in all circumstances'.
He immediately follows this up with this gem,
  "For anyone in the church of nice who thinks things are moving along nicely you couldn't be more wrong"
  [For those of you who do not know Voris uses the term 'church of nice' to mockingly dismiss Catholics who disagree with him].
  he continues,
  "One-third of the most committed pro-life crowd supports contraception."
  Please pardon my tone for a moment:
  Newsflash for Michael Voris - a large number of Protestants and the Non-Religious attend the March for Life!
  Asking a mixed crowd consisting of Catholics, Protestants, and the non-religious a improperly-worded question about birth control and getting more than 66% to outright reject all uses of contraception in all cases isn't a slap against the Church, its almost a miracle!

   I don't watch Michael Voris because I can't trust him to be honest, and at least this time he doesn't even seem to understand what he is talking about.

  Note: I stopped after those statements.
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