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Two FREE eBooks for four whole days. Please visit the following links to download your free eCopies :) Thanks for all of your support over the years!

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A Strange Coincidence and the Fantastic Fox
Don't forget about the awesome books that are either featured, or FREE until Monday.    If you're visiting my site for the Kindle Fire Giveaway, please click here: Kindle Fire Entry Now, onto the story of the day:  A Strange Coincidence and the Fantastic Fo...

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How We Fell In Love...Or Not
Mike and I decided to talk about how we fell in love--and it took a turn for the worst.      This was to celebrate the release of my newest book, A STRANGER'S KINDNESS, which is the fictional story based on how we met.     This video was actually pretty fun...

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How to Keep Your Romance Alive
    Meet Mike: Mike is a goofball.     And When I met him, he was the ultimate bachelor. I mean seriously.... He owned not just one--but TWO kegs.   He flaunted a pool table.   Women would leave THEIR WALLETS at his house,  just so they'd have an excuse t...

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So stoked about this press release. It's hard to believe this is happening again. I really hit a low spot last year, and thought I'd never write again--thank God I was wrong!

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Join Me For a Romance Blogfest, Book Fair, and Giveaway: February 24th - 28th
Since my latest book, A STRANGER'S KINDNESS, will be released on 2/27/17, I'm celebrating this event by hosting a Romance Blogfest.        This is your chance to write about anything romantic--your first kiss, the one that got away, when you first met the l...

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The Ultimate One-Upper
    I remember this like it was yesterday.  Some memories we can't forget, even if we want to!      "We're in town at my mother-in-law's," one of my best friends from highschool said after calling me.  He had gotten married out of state and had a baby.  "Ca...

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The Doctor and a Player Piano
    My seven-year-old, Dr. Jones, wanted to see where I
work.  So the other day I brought her to the hospital.  We each got a
strawberry frappuccino, sat by a beautiful wall fountain in the arched lobby, and watched the player piano, playing itself.     S...

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What Makes a Real Man -- A Valentine's Dedication
What Makes a Real Man?     A real man is someone who's willing to do something other men might not even dream of--he's courageous, seeing  a challenge and,  while other men are busy getting scared, he's already coming up with solutions.  He's the kind of gu...

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What will you be when you grow up?
The Scribe stood, arguing with me--like she enjoyed it.  Finally, I'd had enough--people told me the teen years can be difficult; they didn't tell me it could be about this!     "I think you actually like arguing with me."     "Well, I've decided I want to ...
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