A biography of a non-violent activist in 19th Century Great Britain. George Jacob Holyoake was the thoughtful writer who created the terms "secular" and "jingoism" in his works. In his activism, he worked with the Cooperative Movement to establish worker ownership of the means of production. He also led the Secular Movement to separate church from state. In 1842, he committed civil disobedience in a lecture by violating the "Blasphemy Laws" and served time in jail. But the trial was such an embarrassment to a nation that prides itself on liberty that Holyoake was the last person to be convicted of blasphemy for a public lecture. While there are certainly better-written biographies on this man, McCabe's book is interesting both for the facts it presents about Holyoake's life and for its 1922 use as propaganda. Enjoy the review.


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