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part time marauder.

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Hello all - a quick question on Google and OTAs. A few weeks back we began doing some OTA listings (hey, we're on Expedia!) and I am surprised a few weeks later to see that when we show up in the local 3 pack listings on Google that our pricing isn't showing as a couple of our competitors' are. I was under the assumption Google extracted pricing from OTA listings, but when I contacted a rep on the phone he wouldn't give me a clear answer. Has anyone else run into this issue? I assume it would benefit us to have our pricing showing, but thus far we've had no luck.

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Joe Ford illuminates the world to some answers to common AdWords questions.

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Well, this is a monumental Google fail in my book. If you search for Saugatuck bed and breakfast one local website (not mine unfortunately) is getting the entire right column listing as if you'd searched for them specifically. Anyone else run into this lately? I hope this is a short term hiccup with the search results, because this is crazy to think that someone looking for a general local term (with lots of competition) would be served up one business like this. Where did the map listings go?

So, two local bed and breakfasts near me have complained recently that TripAdvisor has tried to drastically raise their rates, one place by more than 50% over last year. Has anyone else gotten "shaken down" by TA lately?

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I still Google+ despite the fact I don't ever come on here. Check out our last search scoop, then check out this picture of me from a long time ago. 

Hello all, was hoping to get some insights from wise bed and breakfast folks. I'm trying to learn a bit more about working with OTAs. This is all pretty new to me, and our website currently works with Superinn for bookings, and we're trying to decide if Innlink (or any other tool to hook us up with OTAs) would be a good idea. We've always enjoyed good rankings and traffic from Google and some of the traditional directories like, but we're thinking it might be time to step out of the stone age and maybe venture down this path. I was hoping for some honest opinions on the pros and cons of working with OTAs. Trying to find info on other boards and forums but I'm not finding as much as I thought I would. Sorry for what probably seems like an ignorant newbie question, but this is a big decision and I just want to do some due diligence and  this community seemed like the right place to ask. Thanks!

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A full timer answers our newest intern's #seo  questions. Good stuff here for beginners to search.

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Hey errbody, when I'm not complaining about Comcast and GEICO I'm writing tips to help your business utilize their blog better. Check it out, and then tell me your worst ever interaction with Comcast. Okay, go.

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a pretty fascinating read, also in this week's +Netvantage Marketing search scoop.
Great follow-up study on when Google changes title tags, how often, and how that's impacted by the original length of the tag. Mind your titles...
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