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JoAnn Culbertson
Knitter, Reader, Cook and Architect
Knitter, Reader, Cook and Architect

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Watercolor Pencil Bible Art Journal Tutorial
Hello friends! Today I want to share a tutorial for an art journal page, using watercolor pencil. I used a bible journal, but if you're not into bible journaling, but love altered books, scrapbooking, mixed media, or altered art, you can apply these techniq...

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Love this idea. I'm taking the girls on a short road trip to Iowa in a couple weeks and think i will put one together for Lu
Mini Composition Book Travel Journal
With summer just around the corner, many of us are planning to get out more and take some trips. This is a perfect time to "get your feet wet" with art journaling. I remember, as a little girl on road trips, my mother would give the kids notebooks and tell ...

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What's your money why? Great article from Susan Larson. 

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Now we wait
Friday and Saturday saw the planting completed. The girls helped me put the starts in the ground and sprinkle the seeds into the rows. I think the ones Penny helped me with will have to be thinned as she tended to dump the seeds rather than sprinkle. Also s...

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Urban Gardening
I feel very lucky to have access to such a strong community garden
program here in Racine. The town I lived in in Illinois had a community garden,
but only ten plots available for the entire city which came with a waiting list
as long as my arm. The first t...

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Garden Progress
Yesterday Penny and I got the garden beds weeded and prepped so I can get plants and seeds in tomorrow.  Let me correct myself, I pulled the weeds and Penny carried one to the compost pile. Then tried on her sunglasses right side and wrong side up, then car...

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The Staff of Life
It's not secret that my very favorite food is bread of any type. As I've been working less hours and spending more time with my granddaughters, I'm taking the time to bake our bread to help keep the costs down. I get a lot of comments from people that make ...

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Mother Earth and Mother Sauces
In planting my garden, it's bringing back memories of my favorite thing to eat in the early summer, baby red potatoes and fresh peas in a cream sauce. It has everything I love, potatoes with the fresh sweet taste of the peas and cream sauce. Who can go wron...

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On The Needles
I'm currently enamored with sock knitting. I'm saving mostly sock patterns on Ravelry and have mostly knitted socks (with a short foray to a sweater for a baby that arrived into my circle of friends in March) this year. This is a pair of basic sock from The...

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Getting ready to plant my 2015 garden. I have two plots in the Racine Urban Garden Network - looking forward to having fresh food that I grew!
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