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Drew Murray

is it possible to create a custom installer for firefox so that a custom proxy can already be set i.e. can the apk be modified and re-compiled ?

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Hi all, myself and +stephen davies work together as Team UnLimbited - and Producing 3d printed assistive devices, our designs are open source. We are currently working on creating an online portal for people to get their device files scaled correctly for them, anyone with openscad / javascript want to help us out ?
Team UnLimbited Blog
Team UnLimbited Blog

hmm on Ubuntu 16.04 wanting to convert some scad to jscad but presented with - Error: Cannot find module 'openscad-openjscad-translator' anyone can help ?

Hi I'm looking for a OpenJSCAD guru to help convert some existing models into OpenJSCAD - any takers or advice on where to find such a GURU ?
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