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My baby brother's autistic :). He's so amazing!
Did you know they have found that some people have grown out of autism? They think its gonna help find a cure. I hope they do and cure it for him <3
Can I privet post u right now ? 
lou cat
exactly!! its not their fault that they are special needs . :)
Barb M
My step son recently passed away from Ducheynes Muscular Dystraphoy. He was the best kid any Mom could ask for! Miss you Dylan. 
My daughter has speech daily will she grow out of it.? 
My niece has Down's Syndrome and she is very
tuned into what other people are feeling.
new nephew has down's syndrome...i love him dearly and know that he is only wants acceptance just like the rest of us...he is wonderful!!!
These kids are Always Unique Totally Interesting Sometimes Mysterious !! :)
And adults with special needs too!
Amen, lets start by being thankful that we have them in our lives, they bring so much joy!
just want to let you know I that you have done a great job bringing this together!
Ur soo right, they are no different from us, they just have disabilitys, they have feelings.
world would be so different if evryone thought that way....
They are the real blessings of the world. 
Of course I would.  But sadly am new to this and don't know how to :-(
We need to love all of God's creations no matter what because in the end we all have one maker, one father, and we are are brothers and sisters and we need to look at one another with love in our eyes and hearts. 
Some people in this this world are just plane ignorant and we need to learn to ignore they and pray that their minds are ridden of that ignorance.

this is very true and we are all equal so why cant we treat everyone the same and this a beautiful statement
You have such a beautiful conscience. God bless you.
We are not equal. We aren't. There are poor children whose dumb parents either drink alcohol, or do something else to harm their children. I don't understand that. But others are very good parents. That's what I mean when I say we are not equal. 
If you have several problems that is fine all we need to do is be nice and think they are exactly the same as you!
You need to treat everyone the same/equal.
That's totally true! :-) I just feel bad for those kids. I feel MAD at their parents!!!
I believe u, all they need is to be loved n accepted just the way they are.
yeah but why cant they be normal like other people
Because many parents actually drink alcohol, like in Africa. The mothers drink so the country can pay them money for disabled children.
It you have problems eg:brain problems you still treat them the same as anyone else
is that better now isabel
Well some mothers in Africa get payed because their children are disabled. 
I agree with emilia, their are some parents that have special needs children and instead of educated others, they let ignorance in their child's hearts and threat their children like they are at fault for the way they were born, thus ignoring them and not giving them the proper care or putting them in homes. A child is our child no matter how unique they are and we need to accept and embrace them. Sometimes we learn the most from their uniqueness. Love your children. 
Parenting has very very important role in the society. Having children is a big responsibility and one needs to live up to it.
:-) my real names monica actually :P
I also get annoyed at people who just have children without even knowing what the heck they are doing! I know a terrible story that happened.
+Teenager Post :D
 you have no idea what you are talking about not meaning to be rude but can you grown out of being paralyzed What problems do children with Down syndrome have?
Babies and adults with Down syndrome can have physical problems, as well as intellectual disabilities. Every baby born with Down syndrome is different. In addition to the physical signs, some might have major birth defects or other medical problems. However, many people with Down syndrome live happy, productive lives well into adulthood.
Still, some physical problems associated with Down syndrome include:
A birth defect of the heart
Stomach problems, such as a blocked small intestine
Celiac disease, a digestive disease that damages the small intestine so that nutrients from food are not absorbed well
Problems with memory, concentration, and judgment, often called dementia
Hearing problems
Eye problems, such as cataracts or trouble seeing objects that are close by (far-sighted)
Thyroid problems
Skeletal problems
A person with Down syndrome can have an IQ in the mild-to-moderate range of intellectual disabilities. He or she also mighty have delayed language development and difficulties with physical coordination. i will post more infor
I believe everyone should be treated equally irrespective of who they are or what disabilities they have. There's always a heart waiting to receive that love.
What causes Down Syndrome?
To understand Down syndrome, it is necessary to understand how a baby develops. Each baby starts developing when he or she receives 23 chromosomes from the mother’s egg and 23 chromosomes from the father’s sperm. When a baby has Down syndrome, an error happened when either the egg or the sperm was formed. This error caused an extra chromosome (called chromosome number 21) in the egg or sperm, so that the baby received a total of 24 instead of 23 chromosomes from one of its parents. Therefore, the baby ends up having 47 chromosomes in every cell of his or her body, instead of 46 chromosomes. This extra chromosome causes the physical signs and additional problems that can occur among people with Down syndrome. The causes of the errors that produces the extra chromosome is not known.
The age of the mother is the only factor that has been shown to increase the risk of having a baby with Down syndrome. This risk increases with every year, especially after the mother is 35 years of age. However, because younger women are more likely to have babies than older women, 80% of babies with Down syndrome are born to women younger than 35 years of age.
CDC works with many researchers to study the risk factors that can increase the chance of having a baby with Down syndrome. Following are examples of what this research has found:
The number of babies with Down syndrome seems to be increasing, especially among mothers older than 35 years of age.2
Certain factors seem to influence how long a person with Down syndrome will live, including ethnicity, low weight at birth, and whether the baby was born with a heart defect.3
Death rates among Black or African-American infants with Down syndrome seem to be higher than death rates among White infants with Down syndrome.4

Can Down Syndrome be prevented?
There is no known way to prevent the Down syndrome. However, infants and children with Down syndrome often will benefit from special programs that help to improve their physical and mental limitations. These include speech therapy, occupational therapy, and exercises for physical coordination. Children with Down syndrome usually also need extra help or attention in school.
While there is currently no way to prevent Down syndrome, mothers can take steps before and during pregnancy to have a healthy pregnancy. Steps include taking a daily multivitamin with folic acid (400 micrograms), not smoking, and not drinking alcohol during pregnancy.
I agree, I work at a clinic and the other day I saw a women with two young children come in. As the children were being examined the parent just stood outside the room for the whole duration of the exam on her phone and didn't show once that she cared if her kids were ok. 
Well heres the thing.... autistic (special needs) kids or people in general are actually 20 times smarter than us.... thats why they appear slow... because theyre brains are moving to fast even for them... so theyre slow but on the inside they are extremely intelligent. To make fun of that or talk about it... kinda makes you slow.... haha everyone is special in there own way anyways <33
It so important to other parents to children bt they cn't have 
your are correct people need to read and its nice to say oh they are so cute ect but i like to hear that same person trade places most of these special people yes its cause by what the mother does during being pergenant oh its so cute that the parents destroyed theirs lives cause they are so cute ........but of course they are human and have feelings and usually have not a bad bone in their body but are victims of mothers who do not give a shit
I have a son who is autistic - he's the sweetest boy in the world, I'm very proud to be his mother. ILU "B" XXX
+Emilia Iliageane
 some mothers really so since a child in africa dies every 5 seconds think about that count to 5 and another child dies and you think this fiction of mothers or sorry some mothers what world do you live in
i am sorry
say hi to her for me
Everyone who hads any problems and i am very sorry
they are blessings from GOD......
Some of my friends and two of my cousins are autistic. I will definitely repost this :)
+Jasmine Lynn Sturrock
 if you were born with legs could they cure that or if you were born without an eye is another eye going to just grow over time everyone needs to watch this movie if you care about your future and theirs and its to learn about the truth MOVING FORWARD
My youngest son has spina bifida and 3 mental illnesses. I worry every day about kids teasing him, and work very hard to instill a sense of self worth in him. You've all given me hope that he will be ok, and hopefully he'll be able to find some good friends like y'all!
my grandbaby has a special needs and I pray for her everyday I am grateful to have her in my life
I can identify with children with special needs I have two hearing aids.  And know what's it like to struggle.
+Anastasia Allarton
 wow you are really blind no its the parents who smoke drink do drugs to cause this and your saying its gods will.... your speaking as we are selfish no people are selfish and unless your a sociapath who would treat them like dirt i use to tutor mental disabled people and i felt bad that parents choices made them like that because your not like that so you can sit back and go love them this and that trade places i bed you would not do that .......the issue is its not their fault their parents fucked them up do u not think they rather be able to do things like you and I or do you acutally think they perfer to be like that its almost like your rooting for people to be scared for life
emilia i totally disagree with you and kindly advise you get facts on people,continents and global health matters before you pass a comment,judgment on some sensitive post/feature.thanks
How were they made in a unique way?  I'm pretty sure all humans are pretty much created the same way.  Some people have differences from most people based on a mutation of genes and some mutations are better than others.
Teachers that help students with special needs are special, too! The extra care & love that pours out has no limits. :)
Thank you very much my prenatal dr told me to smoke pot becuase i was to anemic to eat and had morning sickness so bad i could not eat or keep anything down and all thre of my children have yet to lose the sponge like ability of their brian that most children lose by the age of thre except for the 'gifted ones' and God put all hebs here for a reason pot can shrink a tumor! My son is amazing how dare you say its my fualt when a licensed dr told me to do what i did she also told me if my body craved something to drink but not to over indulge so whos the idiot? I certanly dont think its me?
Shot all of you back God makes us the way He want us ,! Burn that one crazy people!
People with special needs have a straight ticket to heaven. 
anyone that doesn't really know what  to say about this should please stay off,not pass some racist comments,mockery of this post or mislead others with their wrong information,
Why must people run when the topic is handed over to the Lord?
IKR they are very nice and nobody see that
not one sip of alcohol is acceptable, the fetus is growing at a rapid rate and alcohol travels across blood barrier  at the right moment, this could cause cells to mutate and cause serious problems.  why take that chance. fetal alcohol syndrom,  look it up.  
My cousin's are special :) and they're awesome 
Oppinions are like assholes we all have one and are entitled to our if you dont like what we have to stay you leave.
Lok this up ignorant one if your body craves something there is a vitiman or herb in it that your body needs dip stick thats a proven fact to !
nobody realizes how smart and intelligent some special needs kids are! iv had the pleasure to work with a few special needs kids and it was the best experiences iv had!! :)
compassion's a beautiful thing.. patience is not taught properly in the old world institutions imho.
Why didn't the american cancer society accept charity from american atheists? riddle me that.
What a contradiction.  You can't say that someone isn't weird or odd and then go to call them unique.  People are not unique.  There are a finite combination of personalities and physical traits that overlap a lot.  People with special needs are not unique unless they have a disability that no one else in history has ever had.  Do they deserve respect?  Yes.  Do they need to be coddled and patronized?  No.  This post is insulting and a load of bs created by someone who pities those people instead of treating them like everyone else.
people are the same in every way let people by theirself its not about whats on the outside is matter whats on the inside 
My son is autistic as he gets older he's growing out of some of it, socially he still has a hard time he's 15 in a couple of months.he has struggled so hard .He's my amazing angel.
Special people and children are Gods favorite angels and they will always be perfect in His eyes why dont yall se it that way why ask 'why cant He make them normal He did in His eyes who r u to ? HIM?
My son is hearing impaired with learning disabilities, bt he is the most popular lad in our area and most of the kids and adults are fantastic bt sadly there are always the odd ones who think they are big and clever...... well let me tell you that you are the ones with the special needs acting in such a small and shallow mind, my son has made me so so proud of him and his hard work and perseverance :-D
that is true my bother has special needs and it is sad
+michelle marshall There is no god.  God is an invention of man to try to cope with the fear of death and the inability to accept a universe of chaos.
He's beautiful, amazing, funny, smart, loving, he makes a better person everyday and I thank God for him every day.I tell him I'm proud of him & that he's amazing to me.I'm lucky to be his mommy.what a lot of people don't see is he's no different than you & I to me. He's my son I love him just as he is.
He makes me.a.better person everyday & I will pray for the one that said there is no God.
I see.God in my children's faces everyday.
We have to let them involved in the social life and be activated
 all my sweetest friends
I hav a handsome boy age 9 , he is cp, with autism but he rulez our house n he brings so much joy to us, people need to accept them , n stop saying ,shame, our kids r independant, they teach us kindness n humility, 
Children r gifts from GOD, no matter wat , some people forget they r not perfect, 
yes i agree wd kids special gift from my ALLAH
Indeed, very much ,  Those k ids are need special care? special attention? something about special need???? but, who is are lot's of
talented and gentle and smart. The every kids has a special gift from all of the universe.  It doesn't "matter what. It doesn't matter look
It doesn't matter who. If someone says " There weird..'  I would say         YOU ARE WEIRD!! 
why does everyone post weird word in their post now?
i dont want to be weird but different 
That is so true. Last year my class got to hang out with special needs kids and ai loved it.
I have 2 boys with autism - they are amazing
I always want to help people. It makes me feel so good to do that.
i think thats so sweet and people dont need to judge people like that
Jan Bay
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There has to be people special people to look after these children and I am sorry I am not one of those people.    Good |uck
I have a heart of gold god bless u all!!!!!
So true. I have a severe hearing loss and in my old allvi wanted to do was to fit in but in my new school everyone excepts who i am
J Hunny
I don't need to post things like this because I respect everyone and I don't need to try to over compensate and "prove" it.
the little boy i babysit has autism he's all blod hair and blue eyes and the cutest thing you will ever see!!!!!
my big sister :') love her so muchhh; ur so special 2 me
i am not a special need person but i do help them  
that is a very sweet thing to say charlie 
I work with special need children so I know the struggle the kids and also the parents go through. All they want is love but they have their own unique way of expressing it. You just have to pay attention.
they are at my school and they have people to help but the teachers  need help to [not with special need ] but i help the teacher to
Peope will alwys know that kids with special needs will always be accepted.. anyone not agree with this?
Agree. Children, all of them have a special place in God's heart. As parents we should all hold them special in our hearts, that is where they get their confidence and their faith in God for them to be able to survive the pain and confusion the world offers them.
yeah all people should be accepted.
To be disable is to be able....thts so true i agree........!
everyone should know tht kids with special needs is always accepted......have a sis just like tht she is a loving one tht i will always respect nd take care of some will agree with nd some would not>3
I really like the massage about kids with special needs, because I also have a special needs kid who people don't understand him and they think is not normal but for me that's my and my only l understand him so that's all I need and I love more than my life. 
i have a strong heart repost this even on my fb page luv it
To give a children's a special needs, give them lot's of love,and make a time for them, even if it's tight your schedule, kid's needs Mom or Dad,teach discipline, teach them the manners, being polite to one another, respect to the elderly and others, and teach them there chores everyday, those are the special needs the Kid's to have, not just materials, and the world that involved around them, it well be the better place to our children's..because as a parent's we are proud to see our kid's grow up into a smart and a better person in heart...P:
I don't know if I'm ignorant or right, but my sister has Down's. No one ever "rejects" her. If anything, she gets annoyed at how many events she's been attending. All she really wants is to sing and watch movies :P
i do some people are scared of them for what they are just like us but just slower in thier brain DONT MAKE FUN OF THEM!!!!! LOVE KIDS LIKE THAT
I have no problem with special needs kids but why do u have to make a big deal about it? I mean, its not like someones gonna read this post and suddenly change their minds about kids with special needs. I already have a strong heart because it pumps blood around my body. I have nothing against special needs kids but really, what good will this post do. Just imagine, it's gonna get reposted, people are gonna "like" it and life will go on. I'm not a hater, just a person with a strong mind.... Thanks.
ur a nice person, thanks for understanding
I have autism. So, thank u for posting tht. Cuz, thts exactly how I feel. Everyone thinks I'm dumb & stupid but, I'm not. I learn a different way. So, tht makes me mad tht they would say tht to me. I'm not dumb. So, thank u. :))
Me Sele
+Teenager Post :D has a knack for finding the most cliche and empty things possible to post.
I have a grandson who has cerebral palsy very severe but he is a God send
i have a friend like that and he is very special to me.
This really hits home. My brother Michael was born with special needs & it's so funny that my siblings & I never treated him differently. My mom wouldn't allow it. Even though Michael is the oldest of twelve all of us just had a natural instinct of protector to sheild him from others. My mom always told Michael that he was one of God's special angels. When someone poked fun at him he would always think of that. Michael graduated from high school with top honers. That was one of the proudest moments of my mom's life to see him walk across the stage. Michael is now 34 years old and continues to be an inspiration to everyone who meets him. No matter what he always has a big bright smile that could make the sun envious. I love you, Michael! 
Some of your posts are tugging my heart strings. I am tearing up just reading them.
+Taylor Rene' Reilly I understand. I have a son who has aspergers (autism spectrum) at first it was so difficult to understand him but after I learned he has aspergers syndrome I tried to research what that means and since then I treat him so special, so amazing with his gifts in the arts and music, also learned he has exceptional IQ from what I gathered in the entrance exams high school thru college. Lesson: never underestimate a weird child.
i am  in  middle school i  am 14 year old 
I know 2 autistic boys who everyone loves! And they are not worthless. The one can come home from church each Sunday and re-preach pastor's 30 min long sermon nearly word for word. Autistic people are given gifts in different areas when they lack in others. And that is not worthless.
I agreewith the pic,they are indeed precious i v dem
M Jo
so true i respect those kids and feel so sad when i c one and try to play with them they are so cooooool and its like our child hood time came back and i never find those kids less by any means they are as good children as any other child
katpis dokkaebi i wasnt even talking about yhuu nd dont even know you and for your information i sed that because my aunt is like that so please dont make comments you cant back up
M Jo
mmmmmmmm sad thing in all those fights there are some parents to who had such children and when they c how people talk about and think for children like them they feel so sad deep in there hearts all because some people just having good time out here :(
My son has Asperger's . So I understand .
M Jo
c thats what i was saying
all kids are unique  not just  ones with disabilates
yeah, they are really no different then the rest of us
No, you can't make a request. Stop exploiting retarded kids for reshares
That was a really nice post!
some of my bestest most loyal and trustworthy friends have special needs. they are no different from the rest of us other than the fact that they just think a little differently.
i'm 13, about to turn 14, and I'm planning to shave my head in honor of children with cancer. They are stronger than I'll ever be, and they are my role models. <3
I'm sorry but this isn't something that I never hear before.
that is wat i tell every one but all they want to do is baby them and not treat them the same i stand wit you homie g dawgg
Me and my sister are the only ones who talk to the special needs kids. Very sad. Even just saying hi can change a kids life
I have close fiends who are also special needs and I love them dearly 
That is very touching 
A very condescending post.
love that i have special need brother and sisters and that is very true and i will.
i have a special need couisin and i feel the same way
That is so truee....wish everyone thought enough to consider this
i WILL! its not funny to make fun of special needs kids
It just people with no way of educating themselves about children of special needs are far too fucking stupid...I have no respect for those who bully them.
That's true you should respect anybody who is different from others 
This is in honor of christan james, 7 yrs. old who lives with spina bifida.
I have a strong heart. I know I sister is one of those people
I am a mom of a wonderful special needs kid and i wish society can except them not as special but as human
I treat all people the same special need or not.that makes it normal
they want to feel apart of this planet too.
People treat them like they have some kind of disease or something. But in truth they are smarter than the smartest.
Ya i have some dyslexia and it's hard for me but it's getting better :)
My daughter has ld , hope they find something to help
Some people are just jerks and we know that and we can't change that, but the people that bully can. So start changing your act and think about other people like the ones that are different. I accept people with different needs
WORD! like seriously... thats kids with special needs just wanna be accepted
It's up to the parents to teach children compassion at a very early age.  When I was young, and my mom would see someone with their feelings hurt, crying, upset, someone who had been bullied, or someone down and out, she would say to me, "Imagine if you were in his/her shoes. What do you think he/she is feeling? How do you think you would feel if that happened to you?". That taught me to be compassionate towards others which gave me the confidence to stick up for people who I saw being bullied at school.  I would tell the bullies the same thing my mom told me.  You would be surprised at how a young person can change from being a bully when they take a moment to think about how the other person might feel.  No legislation, no laws, no policies will EVER take the place of having a parent(s) who teaches a child to be thoughtful and compassionate.
we all can accept them bit so choose not to and it's sad. me and my friends go down at the end of the day and go and just make the kids with special needs feel accepted and it's started to reflect on other people too. kids have learned to spread joy and happiness around the school
Yap.worth advocating two strong reasons- they are young and physically challenged.
Some of them are really sweet it bugs me when
People pick on them
+Aishu Suku are you seriously encouraging suicide if you want to do it to yourself its your life dont be messing other peoples lives. >.<
everyone makes fun of them and all they did was be themself
:) im glad people are making aware of this :)
gray r
Well Said
All they need is love. Their disability is not the tragety. Ignorance is. 
I believe this is very true. While I was talkeing with me friends this morning in the hall a little girl from 6th grade walked up to me and gave me a hug. she has mental problems. She is so sweet
Everyone wants acceptance. It is human nature, and should be a human right.
My grandson was born completely deaf...he is truly amazing ..he just turned 5& is so smart...
Very True they are God's very special Children  May the good Lord bless them always     The Lord's peace Sharon
My sister is special needs.She acts like a normal three year old.
many kids with special needs are usually smarter!so stop making fun
i so thick they should be treated the same as us "normal people" yeah right! like we are more normal then them cuz we all were made equal
if i'm taking this the wrong way but it sounds like your bashing on special ed kids audrey lebaron don't right back
sooo true, almost my whole family is like that.
I love my weirdness and my family of weirdos !!
very true people need to realize that everyone is human and no matter how they look they should not be treated differently
Absolutely I am!! They are all Gods special angels!!
YAY! :D finally somebody who sees the truth :) Just today a girl in my class looked at a boy who had challenges and she scoffed and looked at me and said " Isn't that guy so werid... he freaks me out" I rolled my eyes and walked away... so he is not your average, boring football playing guy... he is unique <3
i have special needs and like for that is right. special needs kids are like everone else. Everyone iin the work has a tip of special needs. Special needs kids want people to like for who they are. Special needs kids going to this camp in Canada named Camp Shawnigan. it is a plash for kids with Special needs to feel like them sluff and to make friends with kids the same special needs. ( : 
i kno special people. one of them is my best friend
I agree with the pic posting , you see.'m T.A. who works with kids that have autism and Asperger . I'm also married to a man with the higher function Asperger. Might I also add that when your in public and you witness a kid with special needs having behavior issues and there with their parent or care taker don't just stare and make rude and or judgemental comments about the kid , parent or caretaker . Instead, smile at both the kid and parent/caretaker and ask them if you can help them in anway possible , they may say  no but at last they won't be embarrassed and they will feel somebody cares . Also it might help lighten the sitituation.
I have a my very best friend since 5th grade and were in 10th now, but she has autism and god love her, she is so cute when she talks and she is the nicest
this is such a sweet thing to share
I understand that and apprecoate all individuality whether special needs or (per society) normal. Just know we are all Gods children and we are all due respect compassion and love based on just being human 
My brother has special needs..thanks!
i have i alot for friends with special needs
This couldn't get any closer to the truth.
that is so sweet and true,I have a friend who special needs and she' smart and nice!!!!Thank you for posting this you rally have a kind heart!!!
Are there any Dr's that help people with brain injuries?
everybody is made in there own way it really doesn't make them different from you
My little brother has autism and special needs and trauma disorder and a while bunch of other stuff but he is the most amazing brother in the world. He even got me a dimond ring and purple roses for my birthday. He's 7 and he's so smart, cute, adorable, caring, hilarious, interesting, awesome, and the best brother I could ever have. I'm glad some of you understand what it's like. Just to make it more complicated my older sister has aspbergers it's an anger manigment issue and my odest sister has depresion and anxiety. I have "A.D.H.D." and anxiety. So our family is a mess i'd really like to get to meet some of you:-)
Hi I would post it but I have no idea how to
My mom teaches in a special needs and the kids in there are the most amazing, innocent people you will ever meet. Kids just to of get friendlier than kids with special needs. :-) 
+Jasmine Lynn Sturrock a cure for autism. So far I know autism is not something to cure. It is a different kind of thinking. Main problem, I guess, is the ability to interact with others outside of the autism spectrum. But if more and more people would be informed about it and could take bit more care for those it could make the world for us easier. 
I am only an asperger got also my problems with social interactions but in general I am happy how I am and don't wanna miss my aspi brain :D 

So please no cure for me, need only to know more about NTs.
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