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Statistician, Gamer, Writer, Game Designer, Musician, Entertainer
Statistician, Gamer, Writer, Game Designer, Musician, Entertainer

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Fortune favors the bold.

If there is someone out there you admire, like, or just have a crush upon, seize the moment, turn the odds to something better, and tell them! They may be just as hesitant as you are, or perhaps oblivious to your feelings. Set them free, and express them! This will let chance turn in your favor, and possibly that sweet lady with the beautiful eyes you admire from afar.

Love is waiting for you to make the move...

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We are a fragile creature, our hearts pulled by the thinnest of threads, despite our stalwart will to the contrary. We direct ourselves to strive in all aspects of our lives, working for a new car, better job, a new computer or awesome board game. But when it comes to matters of the heart, we are helpless, buffeted by the seeming random winds of emotion.

The pulls cannot be denied, and though we can cut off the threads through willpower, each time we do we lose a small bit of ourselves, for these threads are not fabricated from the ether, they are a part of us, an extension, our souls reaching out to touch the soul of another.

As a species, we are drawn to one another, eager for the closeness, even if we fear it. We are gregarious, and long to be held, long for a connection. We reach out, and though often limited by the physical, our souls can reach beyond space-time, yearning to feel the touch of another.

The exquisite joy of connection, tempered by distance, age, cultural gap, can evolve into exquisite torture, our longing left unfulfilled. Yet they are still exquisite. To deny them is to cut off a part of yourself.

Embrace your connections, all of them. Revel in them! Those you can hold, those held at bay by the distance. Embrace them, seize the moment, and express to them how you feel, whether it is the first time or the hundredth. Tell that person or persons your true feelings, and never live in regret.

Your heart, their hearts, deserve nothing less.

Goodbye, LGBT rights. 8 years was a good run. (1)
Goodbye, civil rights for non-whites. 54 years was a good run. (2)
Goodbye, women's rights. 97 years was a good run.(3)
Goodbye, democracy. 241 years was a good run. (4)
Goodbye, freedom of the press. 228 years was a good run. (5)
Goodbye, habeas corpus. 802 years was a good run.(6)
Goodbye, environment. 65 million years was a good run.(7)

Today is a dark day, one that I hope will be unfounded in my fears.

1- Mike Pence adheres to electroshock therapy and religious dogma to 'pray the gay away'. Discrimination has increased since the election. 8 years is Obama's term, #StillMyPresident
2- The racial divide has deepened since the election, with increased accounts of violence and racial hatreds becoming more open. 54 years approximates Dr. King's speech and the start of the movement toward equal rights.
3- "Grab them by the pussy", words from our new imperial leader. It looks as though the rights of women, fought for generations, has been decimated. 97 years since we earned the right to vote.
4- The electoral college has failed us, electing someone the majority of people dislike and fear. This is the second time in the last 17 years the system elected someone who did not get the majority vote, both of whom ushering in darker times.
5- Freedom of the press, the 1st ammendment, shattered by the rhetoric of the new Imperial leader. He has pledged to rid us of it. 1789 was the year the Bill of Rights was ammended.
6- Human rights are taking a back seat, and while not actually gone, I fear they will be ignored, decimated, modified, to benefit the growing oligarchy and plutocracy.
7- "Climate change is a hoax." The head of the epa is a climate change denier, as is the new imperial leader, the vice president, and the majority of the new cabinet. Most of the elected 'public servants' in the right are also deniers. We are doomed.

I realize I might be overreacting some, but these are true fears I have never felt before. When W was 'elected' in 2000, I was upset, but not devestated as I am today. I have only voted for one 'winning' president, and he is leaving office today. In 2000 and 2016, I voted for the winner, but not the person who got elected. (I voted for Perot in the '90s. Don't judge me!)

But I feel my fears are valid. Never before has such an unqualified person been elected to lead the country. Never before has fake news, rhetoric, and base instincts overruled reason, education, intelligence, as harshly as it has today. It is a sad, dark day, and though I don't like the Star Wars prequels, they have a good line that holds true to how I feel today:
"So this is how Liberty dies... with thunderous applause."

Please, let me be wrong...

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This hit me kind of oddly...

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One of the biggest influences in my life, truly one of my heroes, died yesterday. Mr. Joe Dever, author of the Lone Wolf game book series and several other delightful reads, was one of the people I had hoped to thank in my adult years for the gift he gave a young nerd back in the 80s and 90s.

I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Dever long ago at a gaming convention in Denver. He was kind, interesting, and politely tolerant of my raggety, home-made Kai Lord costume. This man literally changed my life, my outlook, and gave me tremendous hope for the future. He entered my mind yesterday, as I found some personal letters between us, and wished yesterday that I could speak to him once more, to thank him for everything he gave to me and the world. He will be sorely missed. :'(

Today, I weep for the passing of one of my original heroes.

Joe Dever
1 hr ·
We are sorry to be the bearers of such tremendously sad news, but our father passed away peacefully at 10:15 yesterday morning. This follows ten years of an illness that he kept secret to all but those closest to him. We appreciate this news may be a shock to many.

He died as he lived - with colossal bravery and dignity - and held by those that loved him. He was working on the final three Lone Wolf books until Monday evening. His thoughts were with his work and thusly his fans until the last possible moments. You meant the world to him, and your loyalty meant everything to him.

It is with enormous honour and great responsibility that these notes for the final three books of the saga, and the legacy of his incredible universe, are passed to us to complete.

Please allow us time to attend to the family, and his personal affairs. We will be in touch via this page and his website with further news about a memorial service, that we hope to arrange for late January. We will share the means by which you can apply to attend, with full details of the time and location of the memorial also.

With love,
Ben Dever & family.

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+Cy Williams

50 facts about me:

Have you ever:
1. Been drunk? Once. Hated it.
2. Kissed someone? That's cute...
3. Broken up? Once. Hated it.
4. Had kids? Yes, one.
5. Had a threesome? Twice, but more to come.
6. Cried yourself to sleep? All too often
7. Self-harmed? Never
8. Been in love? Too many times to count
9. Cheated? Never
10. Stood on stage: I live to be on stage!
11. Been depressed? All too often
12. Smoked? Never. Yuck!
13: Felt lonely? All too often.
14. Snuck into a bar when your not old enough? Nope. Don't drink.

What's your:
15. Age? I have socks older than you.
16. Biggest wish? A better world...
17. Relationship status? Three loving partners, currently, always looking. Yes, they know.
18. Biggest fear? Harm to one of my loves.
19. Longest relationship? 13 years.

Do you:
20. Masturbate? On occasion. Anyone who says no is lying.
21. Have a BF/GF? One bf and two gf. Contact me if you have any interest in me... wink
22. Like yourself? Getting there...
23. Have/want a tattoo? No, don't need any.
24. Have/want a piercing? Just earlobes, thanks.
25. Drink? Nope.
26. Party? Does playing games with friends count?
27. Believe in ghosts? No.
28. Want a BF/GF? Sure! Hit me up! <3

What's your favorite:
29. Artist? Musical? Jean Michel Jarre. Art? Hard to say. Perhaps Michael Whelan.
30. Movie? Hard to decide. So many good ones in my top 10, but no defined order.
31. Song? Ethnicolor, by Jean Michel Jarre.
32. TV Series? Firefly, without question.
33. Animal? No favorite. I like them all, even the 'ugly ' ones.
34. Book? So many to choose from, hard to pick one. Some I adore: Wizard's First Rule, The Deed of Paksenarrion, Shadow, Rose of the Prophet
35. Color? Forest green, especially when coupled with medium brown.
36. Juice? Oj

This or that:
37. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
38. Coke or Sprite? No soda, thanks.
39. Tea or Coffee? Sweet tea! (Seriously, I may have a problem)
40. Taco or Pizza? Pizza
41. Beer or Vodka? Eugh. No thank you.
42. Country or Rock? Rock, but not my 1st choice

Would you ever:
43. Have a BF/GF who was 10+ years older/younger than you? I've dated 24 years above me as well as 24 years younger. Age truly is irrelevant.
44. Bathe with somebody? Sure!
45. Smoke Pot? Never!
46. Have a threesome? Enjoy this a lot.
47. Get married? Never again. Big mistake for me.
48. Have children? Once is enough, thank you. Perfection already achieved.
49. Swim with sharks? Depends on the breed of shark.
50. Eat a habanero? Likely not.

If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged. 

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+Katya Knightwolf  Sword contact juggling?? It looks like magic. I'd love to see this kind of skills at the faire!

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This finely illustrates what I have felt about the state of my country in the last 15 years, things always getting worse, people losing hope for the future. Everything goes up except income, perpetually, and the profits all going back into the system to suppress us. It's insidious, all done under the label of 'safety and protection'. This is what steals hope from the public, and pushes so many closer to the brink of suicide. It's honestly deplorable.
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