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Chip Salzenberg
on time in a way you could never understand
on time in a way you could never understand

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Seems legit.

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"Story is fractal: The elevator pitch unpacks into the over-coffee narrative, to the chapter outline to the scene outline to the actual text." Hm, I wonder if there's a coding analogy in there somewhere.

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I thought I was immune to sharing animal videos.

I was wrong.

E, the Rand Editor -- a grand old program.  Is it still around?  Open source, perhaps?

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The real ten commandments.

That the Perl community accepts Dist::Zilla as a good idea makes me wonder what the hell they're thinking.  When did it start being a good idea to distribute code in a form other than the one the developer worked on?  It only breaks patching and forking.  No big loss I guess.

I will NOT sign in with my "Bob"damned browser, Google.

From now on I'm making a custom Chromium build without nags.

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Linus Torvalds is my latest Short Duration Personal Savior.

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