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Cyanogenmod for Sprint Galaxy S 3

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Jelly bean goodness on d2spr.

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Dualboot CM9 on Sprint SGS3
It might be a while before the developers fix all the bugs in CM9 for SGS3 LTE.  Using the handy CM9-on-EMMC and FakeCWM, you can safely test the CM9 nightly builds while leaving your standard ROM intact!

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CyanogenMod 9 nightlies are available for Samsung Galaxy S III devices.  Read the current status and an important warning on this page.

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Sprint LG2 Update
Sprint's official LG2 update will work if you have rooted using our root method, the boot kernel is LF9 official, and you have not deleted any files in Samsung's ROM.  After upgrading to Sprint's LG2, DO NOT boot Samsung's ROM.  Use CWM recovery to re-apply Root .zip v5 before rebooting into Samsung's ROM if you want to keep CWM and root.

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Proof of concept news for developers.  Soon we'll have stuff for users to test, as described at the bottom here.
kexec proof-of-concept and Verizon SGS3 bootloader bypass
Team Epic normally focuses on Sprint phones, however the great similarity between the SGS3 LTE variants like Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Rogers has made it possible for us to publish CWM recovery, root .zip and other tools that work on all these phones.  Unfortunately, the Verizon SGS3 LTE variant locked down its bootloader to prevent customized boot kernels.  mkasick's kexec for SGS3 LTE should allow other developers to create custom kexec-enabled kernels for the Verizon SGS3.
kexec benefits for Sprint SGS3 (and T-mobile, AT&T, etc.)
kexec will soon allow us a convenient way to multiboot into alternate ROM's.  For example, after CM9 for SGS3 LTE becomes available, bbelos will have a toolkit for you to install CM9-on-EMMC.  Read about it here.  

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Root .zip version 5
Fixes a failure to root condition that some people have been experiencing if they had previously flashed the other other root method prior to the OTA update.

Can you reproduce the SGS3 Pillow Bug?
There seems to be a very annoying issue caused by SGS3's noise reduction.  During a call, if you lie down on your bed with a pillow at your ear such that it blocks the tiny pinhole at the top of the phone, your voice becomes "far away, muffled, difficult or impossible to hear".  Simply plugging that hole with your finger doesn't mess up the audio as much.  If you hit Menu during the call and disable noise reduction the issue goes away.

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Please vote +5 on our new permanent CWM and Root .zip thread.  Help us to get the thread stickied!

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Important News for Sprint's LF9 OTA Update
Sprint SGS3 received the LF9 OTA update from Sprint today.  If you used our previous root method, applying this OTA update works.  After applying the update, you need to flash the latest version of our Root .zip in order to retain custom recovery and root status.  You may also want to upgrade to CWM for SGS3 LTE variants version 4 as it contains an important fix for backups.
Sprint SGS3 LF9 also fixed the Google Wallet not Certified issue!

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CWM Recovery for SGS3 Variants version 4
v4 addresses the bug which prevented the internal sdcard space from being excluded from nandroid backups.
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