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Bruce Conway

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I'd vote Amos for next prime minister of Singapore.

Bruce Conway

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Beautiful. I love it. Magnificent and heroic flatulence amidst the snowy peaks of the Himalayas.

Bruce Conway

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I suspect Vivaldi was rather a hyperactive and fiery kind of chap. Some lovely adagios nonetheless.
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Bruce Conway

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I installed it on Firefox but couldn't see any icon, nothing.  So, I uninstalled it.  How do you use it?  How does it show up in Firefox?  Should it appear at top right of the browser?  Strange.

Bruce Conway

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* Angelic *  I like the Kings College Choir too.

Bruce Conway

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He's very obviously innocent of all charges. Anyone know the motivation on the part of prosecutors for this blatant miscarriage of justice?  Keep in mind Indonesia scores near the top of the list for corruption (cf. Transparency International). The conviction now allows families to sue the school for millions.  Could be simply a big money scam to re-route bucks to family with percentage kickbacks to certain members of the Indonesian system. Also an attempt to remove culpability from Indonesian nationals to improve optics for tourism or other purposes - similar to the case in Thailand with the two murdered British tourists.

Bruce Conway

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Beautiful introduction, very well presented.  Highly recommended. Many thanks +minderchen .

Bruce Conway

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A quick reminder to ignore the grey-cell-challenged Rexicano's cowardly comments.  He knows not whereof he spouteth, with his rude and unlearned commentaries on those who actually play an instrument and courageously put themselves forth for the examination of others, in contrast to himself who plays nothing but professes to expound upon the weaknesses of others for his own spineless gratification. He has nary a good word to say about anyone. In web parlance, he's a troll (One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument).

#flute #popp #flautist #fluteplayer #flutiste #flutetraversiere  

Bruce Conway

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Methinks Vivaldi suffers from TMN syndrome (too many notes). A syndrome some jazz musicians (and most rock ones) succomb to, together with a lack of musical space. Almost like an over-crazed monkey on bad steroids. But, he does have a few gems, in some of the Adagios.

#vivaldi #baroque

Bruce Conway

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New Zealand Police ceremonial dress helmet #NZ #NewZealand
( made in #Australia ! )
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Bruce Conway

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What would you use to check, say, rice?

Here, you see rice being, ostensibly, "checked" for radiation.


Relates to Japan's recent decision to send Fukushima rice to Singapore.

#fukushima   #japan   #nuclear   #radiation  
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If you haven't visited - you're missing something. It's a magical place (even if you don't like antiques).
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Don't buy there - especially nails or screws (cheap alloy, they break very easily, even with the gentlest pressure). Go to Preston Hardware if you want serious quality. Now I have to figure out how to get the broken-off screw bits out of the wall. Really messed up my wall, and my day. I'm getting very tired of this - about the 4th time this has happened with their stuff (almost worse than Dollar Store).
Public - 5 months ago
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Good service, nice pizzas, friendly staff. (I should know, I live just around the corner). 😎
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago