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~Shop Review: Dog Dog on Storenvy (UPDATED 8/3/16)~
Hey hey hey! ANOTHER blog post in the same week?! HECK YEAH!! This is also my first review post NOT about beauty products but rather, a store! Today I'll be reviewing an online shop called Dog Dog . ***NOTE: This is not  a sponsored review and if in the fut...

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~Subscription Box Review: Yume Twins~
Hello everyone!! I know introducing a new blog post segment isn't the best way to get back into the groove of blogging but I was just SUPER excited to show you all this! I'm not signed up to a lot of subscription boxes but I tried out Kawaii Box by Japan Cr...

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Hello hello lovely people!!! Guess who's back?? Back again?? ABBY'S BACK!! Tell a friend!!! HA. Oh Eminem...Anyways!!! I'm finally done with Spring Quarter of my second year at Uni!!! HOORAYYYYYY!!! cries I low-key miss school but at the same time it feel...

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~Online Store Review: Korea Depart Makeup Haul!~
Hi hi hi! How is everyone? I'm super excited for today's review/haul!! I know I've just been doing a bunch of beauty reviews lately so instead of reviewing the actual products themselves in this post and make it super long, I'll just be focusing on the onli...

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~My Skincare Routine AM/PM + Everyday Makeup Routine!~
Hello everyone! Busy busy week for me this week T^T Decided to take a break from it all and finish this post! LOL I've had this post queued up for so long that my makeup/skincare routine has actually changed since I first edited this! Wow! Originally I was ...

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~Beauty Review: Palty Mecha Flash Sparkling Blonde Bleach (BONUS: Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo Blonde/Silver)~
Hello everyone!! I am sosoososoooOSOOOOO sorry for being inconsistent with my blogging once again T___T LOLOL One of my 2016 goals was to improve on that and so far...yeah I have not been keeping up with any of my 2016 goals so far HA. Well Jan. was a trial...

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~Skincare Review: Garnier Micellar Face Cleansing Water (Long post!)~
Hello all and welcome to the first skincare review of the year! Yippie! What better way to start off a new year than feeling refreshed right? Haha it's actually pure coincidence I finished this post just in time for this week's blog post and it happens to b...

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~End of the Year Recap/Blogiversary!~
HELLOOOO!!! AHHH! Sorry for starting out yelling at you guys! I'm just so excited! I remember (vaguely) at the beginning of 2015 last year when I decided I wanted to start my own blog :3 such fond memories. I just wanted to do a short little appreciation po...

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~Online Shop/Makeup Review: Glossier Priming Moisturizer and Perfecting Skin Tint~
Hello everyone!! Finals and fall quarter are done for me and I can BREATHE again!! Hoorayy!! Get ready for a bunch of new posts!! :-D Today I've got a super cool double purpose review for both the online shop/makeup section of this blog ^>^ If you haven't b...
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