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Marty Cauley
Called to lead an innovative, artistic, missional community.
Called to lead an innovative, artistic, missional community.

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Best video conference/coaching/webinar service I've found for the money!

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3 Year Cancerversary, every day is a new life lesson!

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Cancerversary Lessons Year 3…
Three years ago today I spent most of the day in waiting rooms at Duke Cancer Center getting tested, scanned, and evaluated for cancer treatment. Danelle and I had come straight from family vacation to The Cancer Center the previous day in a grueling eleven...

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Why I Keep Doing Stuff...
It is funny, when you have a terminal illness people feel
free to ask you questions they’d never ask anyone else. Recently a “Facebook
friend” (I really don’t know them closely) asked me about the crazy home
remodeling projects I’ve been doing. They couldn’...

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So friends, I gave up least for the summer. Here is why.

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Why I Gave Up on Chemo…at least for the summer.
I called my doctor a couple of weeks ago and refused the
latest round of oral chemotherapy to treat my terminal neuroendocrine cancer. I
didn’t refuse it because I have given up. I have not quit fighting. I simply
know that at this time it is not right for ...

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Tired of hearing all the bad news? Me too! Here are 5 things the UMC is doing right!

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Five Things The United Methodist Church is Doing Right
Frustrated with the Negativity!   If I read one more well intentioned article about what the
church, particularly The United Methodist Church, is doing wrong I think I will
scream. Yes, I know we are struggling with years of decline. I know our
buildings ar...

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We all use the term "missional" but what the heck does it mean? 

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What the heck is "missional?"
This is part of a multi-part series Marty is writing that will eventually become  The Guidebook for the Missionally Challenged.. .or something like that. What the heck is “missional?” Have you noticed that everything is “missional” these days? What does tha...
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