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Love seeing how people express themselves -> really like the way this was put together -> now it's stuck in my head...
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Ok, I'm still learning this game (+League of Legends) and I make lots of mistakes - I know I'm not good at many things - but when I play I want to learn something new each time and have fun.  

I'm certain that everyone has had those insanely great games where a blind solo 5v5 queue magically ends up with a set of players that had the "wrong" balance of characters and everyone makes silly mistakes, but somehow a real team formed during play and your team came back from what everyone would expect to be a total loss and you made it an epic win.  I love games like that (they don't happen so often - but nothing makes me happier than to be part of the underdogs in a game that turn it around to win - that's where I learn the most).

Of course I want to win (everyone does) but as long as I learn something in each game I feel like I accomplished something -> even if it's just what my limits are today with a given champ, where not to position against a given player, how not to be sucked into a trap, when not to chase, when to adjust an anticipated build order, when to dive into a team fight and when to head to the other side of the map an pop a tower/grab buffs instead, how to bait a gank/counter bank - (of course the list is endless).

Those games where 5v5 become effectively 3v5 or worse (afk/trolls/quits) still have the opportunity to learn for the people that keep playing.  Never give up/never surrender no matter what happens.  I've had game where our team had one tower and the nexus (they had only one tower down) and we pulled together, got an ace, took baron, got a second ace and won the game - that feeling of having a team just form out of the aether and everyone suddenly playing far better and smarter than minutes before is amazing).

All I really want to do is learn something new each game and preferably play with a team of people that want to have fun and learn something new each game.  I don't think it's fun for anyone to have that caustic player on their team that makes everyone else unhappy.  I don't think it's fun for anyone to have a problem in lane or skill matchup and be left alone to suffer (as a team lanes can be reordered, ganks can rebalance the levels if it's done early, even a tiny bit of advice about a player or an opponent that might be basic to you could help the suffering player fix the problem (maybe they don't know if, maybe they do but the stress of the situation is making them panic and their focus is lost).  I love it when after the game players on both sides explain exactly what each side did wrong/how they took advantage of it/how to fix it/what plays were lucky/which one failed/better uses of champions in certain situations/better adaptions to builds to counter certain champion combinations in chat.

My guess is that there are a lot of people (most?) that really just want to play to have some fun and learn something whether they win or lose a given game.

So… feel free to send a friend request to me (Tanukifu) or add your name below and I'll be happy to join a custom game of yours or invite you to a custom game I run whenever I'm playing.  
It doesn't matter to me what you want to work on (maybe just cs/last hits - warding - jungling with a given character - counter juggling - AD/AP carry - support combinations - push strategy - heck, maybe you just want to get a lot of kills in a given game - maybe you just want to get better at positioning (not dying)… I won't judge you if you try and don't do well at it as long as you try to help other people achieve their goals as well (teamwork wins, not just personal accomplishments)).

Tell me what you want to work on and I'll do my best to help (which in a given circumstance might not be enough, but in another might be excellent) - I won't quit - I will learn everything you teach me as fast as I can - I will always put the other members of the team before myself (I don't care if I die so that the AD/AP players can get a kill or escape) - I am never caustic or abusive - I never report anything other than continued abusive language at another player (and that's rare for me to see) - I don't care if you make mistakes - I don't care if you try something and it doesn't work - I don't care if we win or lose (but winning is a little better of course). 

It doesn't matter to me what level you are or what your ranking is - only that you want to play and try to get better.  Maybe you only play bots because of bad experiences in normals.  Maybe you are very low level with this player but know the game very well already.  Heck, maybe you are a high level ranked player that's having a bad day and just wants to feel useful by teaching other people how to play - that's cool too.

No matter what happens in a given game, if people on our team (and ideally the other team as well) all learn something then it's been worthwhile.

Make a fried request (Tanukifu), send an email ( or post below and people that feel the same way can have a better chance of enjoying the game and getting better and having fun. 
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Yay - the kickstarter for HackRF is open.  I know some kickstarters are sketchy or over ambitious but Michael has a solid track record.  If this (xmt/rec SDR, open source) is something that interests you then it's kind of a no-brainer to help support this...
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Got an unexpected little sampler of #Nespresso  variations in the mail today.  The Vanilio is insanely good.  If I didn't just put in an order I'd be placing one now.  (This is exactly what a great company should do - make customers unexpectedly happy).  

Thanks for making my day a little better.
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Why do companies (EA in this case) change things users want?

I don't use facebook so I wasn't aware of the upset, but I really dislike the changes they made to a paid app.  If it was free then I guess any future changes are expected, but it has become the only app I regret purchasing.
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Ok, here's something I want google to seriously think about doing.

Let me customize the style of adverts that will be displayed.

I personally don't want to see adds with the cost of something in dollars (zero chance I'll click on that and I will often have a negative bias because of that).

I don't want animated ads - all I want is for them to go away as fast as possible.

Some colors I really don't like in adverts... some fonts as well...

There are some companies I don't like and I don't want to see ads from them at all (again, zero chance I'll click on those ads).

There are some products I'll never buy (not going to click there either).

I don't mind adds that don't bother me -> and yes ads do indeed influence my purchases.

Please please please Google -> make something available so I can let you know ahead of time what I really don't want to see.  Even better would be real-time feedback where I can adjust some sliders on an add to let you know why I don't like that add (keep the data for yourself and use it to better target other things to me).

Everyone probably has little quirks about what they really don't like that can't be easily pulled out from big data, but I'll guess that many people will gladly let you know them if the benefit is a more comfortable experience and a sense of control.

I don't know anyone at Google that could make this happen, but if anyone does, please talk to them about it - make this happen.
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everyone's commute sucks...
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Pondering why I can't just subscribe to HBO (streamed to my laptop) without a cable subscription (which I won't get or I would accomplish nothing).  

What I hope for is that either Apple or Google will use a huge chunk of their cash to create a well funded and completely independent channel to create original content with the goal of being self sustaining by subscriptions.  

Not linked to any of their services directly but with the purpose of just creating great content (say Game of Thrones level for the sake of argument).  Heck, why not have them also create a subscription channel for really high quality journalism - no adds, no political or corporate agenda.  I'd absolutely pay for that. 
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