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"Shake and Bake", Google's just keeps upping the ante in the 'social' sharing realm... fantastic!!

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Every time, I see an article on hacking, I am reminded of Bob Metcalfe's famous RFC 602 - "The stockings were hung by the chimney with care" back in 1973 - publicly viewable over at -

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Business Model YOU

So, I got my pre-release copy of BMY, which hits the main stream book stores early March, 2012; although it is available for pre-order from sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Wiley Press (so, go on - BUY a copy). I am kind-of 'excited', not because I get a mention along with 332 fantastic and inspiring people on the inside cover, all of whom helped 'crowdsource' the creation of this book, not because the book is trending at no. 5 over at Amazon for "business model" in pre-release mode, BUT simply because this book can help put a bit of direction in peoples lives, can help folks value their skills and reveal better life and career possibilities.

Like it's sister book "Business Model Generation", BMY is built upon the same inspiring 'crowdsourcing' technique, Business Model YOU is based upon the Business Model Canvas methodology pioneered by BMG, which is not just a 'game changer', but rather a methodology that is emerging as a leading business model description and innovation technique, it has been both a humbling and satisfying experience being involved in this project.

Importantly, it has enabled the creation of a "personal business model" for myself, one that I have been able to combine with my overall "business model", given the trials and tribulations that we have been through the last six months with our professional accountants and business advisers, both books and communities have been able to offer wisdom and inspiration to refine processes and direction.
Business Model YOU
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Queensland Flood Pics - 2011
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Stumbled upon this site, while doing some Photoshop searches, thought it worth a share.
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