Shooting restaurant assignments in winter is tough. There is a lot less natural light to work with, particularly when you have to shoot in late afternoon or early evening. I am constantly looking for new artificial lighting techniques that will give me a new perpective and help me to make better photographs. When developing new lighting techniques for food and restaurant assignments, I think about the following:

1. Is the lighting setup practical to transport and setup in a restaurant? Large, cumbersome and complicated lighting setups are definitely not practical.
2. Does it look natural? When I look at the photo do I see the subject or am I distracted by the lighting technique?
3. Does the lighting make the food look delicious and interesting?

The lighting setup for these images consisted of a Canon 580ExII (standing on the little plastic foot that it comes with) modified with a Lumiquest Softbox (PocketWizard Trigger), along with a small piece of white foamcore bounce card for fill. I was able to get four very different lighting effects simply by moving the location of the strobe and the bounce card. The distance of the bounce card really controlled the drama of each image.

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