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Elizabeth Koelle
Writer, photographer, bon vivant.
Writer, photographer, bon vivant.

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I get entries if you use my link!

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Which photography groups on G+ have you found the most helpful?

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This is not the country I thought it was. Not enough people know about this, so please share.
A PBS journalist was detained for 9 hours after trying to interview #OCCUPYWALLSTREET protesters that were peppersprayed by police.

That's not the America we believe in - so let's spread the word.

SHARE if that's not the America you believe in, either.

If you're adding me just to get publicity for your book/music/film/whatever, don't bother. Please. I don't respond to random publicity, and it actually makes it less likely that I'll check out your stuff. I'm stubborn that way. <g>

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Read this, and read all the links. Violence against women is unacceptable. Hard to believe that this happens in this day and age, but there it is.
Blog Post: Jane C. Hines

In an alternate universe back in 1974, a girl named Jane C. Hines was born. Her family moved to Michigan when she was four years old. She grew up with a little brother, had a three-legged black lab named Silver (after Long John Silver), and wanted to be a teacher, a veterinarian, a psychologist, and ultimately an author...

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Did not expect to see the sun today. That was a nice surprise.

Kind of curious why people who don't know me are adding me, and how they found me.
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