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Hai how are u.?
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This has totally become part of our household vernacular. Tonight we got to use it in context.
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I JUST watched that one!
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This is one off those basic questions for techies: How does everyone else use the web?
Matthew Inman originally shared:
Does anyone actually click "share this" buttons?

I'm not asking in a cynical way; I'm asking because I actually want to know. Recently, I launched an animated GIF about SOPA and it received more traffic than I've ever seen in my career as a comic artist -- and it didn't contain a single "share this" button.

I've always believed that if you want your content to bloom on the internet, you need to spend more time creating great content and less time worrying about a bunch of douchey social media crap. The key to becoming a successful comedian, musician, writer, or artist on the internet isn't to slather your website in "like this" buttons. It's to craft songs, pictures, or words that flood our brains with buckets of happy sauce.

Reinforcing this idea was reddit's recent blog post about getting 2 billion page views in December, 2011 -- with NO social media widgets or plugins.

If I want to share a URL, I open a new tab and paste it into whatever social network I'm using. I'm not your average user, however, so I don't know if I'm the norm. I've always had them on Oatmeal comics, but I like them more as a metric of popularity (a comic with 200 likes versus a comic with 200,000 likes, for example, provides me with a sort of "funny-meter"). So I ask you: do you actually click and use any "share this" buttons, or do you generally ignore them like I do?
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Once I discovered these, I started using all of them.
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Jeremiah Owyang originally shared:
I love this.

1) Empower employees
2) Allow them to master their roles
3) And have a sense for a greater purpose

Thanks for Laura Fitton for sharing it with me

RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us
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Digitally talking to myself.
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Actually over Google+. I responded to my own page question. 
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Putting this movie on my To Do list. Seriously, I have never seen it. How is that possible?
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I don't think I have seen it...might add to my list as well!
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At Earth Mama, we believe that breastfeeding a baby is the consummate gift of a mother’s love. We think that the same loving generosity can be extended within the community of breastfeeding advocates. We hope The Support with Integrity Breastfeeding Pledge will remind us all to hold hands and stay focused on the common goal, offering generous loving support to breastfeeding supporters. Please sign the pledge and spread the word! XO Mama
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Google+ wooed me a little with the Muppets ad.
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Teaching high school kids about journalism tomorrow. I have high hopes. Teenagers do not always come through.
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I always used to tell them about dan niel and the writers for Cosmo and WWE today mag. 
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The scourge of sideways iPhone video strikes again. I want a setting or app that will give a warning every time a reporter hits record with a phone vertical. Does this exist?
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I have used the vericorder mic for the iPhone 3G with a lot of success. Don't know what they offer for the 4, though. The 4s has wonderful video capabilities, so I think it is a good solution for web video. The other thing I would suggest is a case with a tripod thread. Then you are pretty much set.
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The PowerPoint says [x+1 for x in my_list] and I don't want to run screaming. I feel pretty proud of myself.
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It is, Cory. It is Python. I am kinda in love, but we all know how a new tech crush usually works out. 
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