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An Australian abroad
An Australian abroad

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2016 a final update
Happy Christmas  I’ve never tried to do a family and friends Christmas/New Years message
before, so here goes nothing. A lot of people we know consider 2016 to have been somewhat of an “Annus
Horibilis” and when you look at Brexit, Trump, the limping blac...

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The next move, in a long line of them...

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Home Sweet FRANCE?
Keys and an appropriately named champagne to celebrate. If you've been following along in other social media, you'll know by now that we bought a house in France.  Sept-Forges, a tiny little village (286 people) in Basse Normandie (that's Lower Normandy to ...

Here's a recap of my first foray into Africa

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Oh Senegal
Look out behind!! This year the IT conference was held in Dakar Senegal, you know the place where the Paris to Dakar rally used to finish. Unfortunately the route from Paris to Dakar has become a little too dangerous, so while the contest is still known as ...

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Does the environment matter
An open letter to Greg
Hunt, Australian Minister
for the Environment. 7 May 2016 Dear Greg This is your cousin David
Hunt.  Perhaps you remember me from
occasional family gatherings, where I took periodic umbrage with the policies
and politics of your fathe...

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It's been raining for most of the week in Muscat and we've had floods. 

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When it rains......
Very happy wetland feeders As you know Oman is a desert country, much of the interior is made up of differing types of desert. There are large swathes of the "classical" sand desert, including massive dunes as well as what we Australians would call gibber p...

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