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So you're walking down the street, and a friend starts doing something funny. You whip out your phone and start recording, because that guy needs to be on the Internet. A few seconds later, you realize, "Hey, my phone's in portrait. That's weird." But you know what's weirder? Deciding to turn your phone partway through. So you roll with it. And you figure people like watching things that are funny and don't need to be cranky about orientation. I mean, we're not talking Avengers here. There's no Robert Downey Jr. to admire. (No offense, Seth.) No special effects to gaze admiringly at. In fact, it's nighttime, and you can hardly see him for half of it. But that's not why you took the video. You took it so people could share a chuckle and go, "Man, Seth, you know your Beastie Boys!" Of course, there's always that one dude on the Internet who can't just appreciate something. He has to be all, "Your video's vertical. That's crap." Thanks for being that guy. Somebody has to do it, or people would just all be sitting around appreciative of strangers sharing their fun, and that's madness. Pure madness. Can't let it happen. You're doing an important service, Harold. Don't stop.
His precious merit of attracting all that is exultant content, healthy and wealthy, is in magnetic vibratory additions of pleasant contentment, health and wealth, you always do that in the scenes recalled, sights and displays.
Every time I watch this, for a moment I feel an emptiness in my heart for Seth, whom I admit I only knew as skvidal, but then the video makes me laugh and a beam of inspiration fills in the emptiness. Oh, may you rest in peace in an open source heaven!
Thanks for this video Ruth. It is trully the Seth that I had a chance to met, and I still hear his voice, his accent, and you took his smile! That's something that can't be shared in pictures, but that's him.
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