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Farrell Hamann
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Attended Cass Tech., Mumford Wayne State U, University of Michigan (Detroit)
Lives in Sacramento, Ca
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Farrell Hamann

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Farrell Hamann

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Trump gave a cursory greeting to the Doles and left; Obama stayed with them, laughed, and kissed Mrs. Dole.
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Farrell Hamann

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There might exist some crystals that extend into the fourth dimension.
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Farrell Hamann

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#tractor #wheelhorse (read my ebook novel, Greenland Tower xoxo) I had a Wheelhorse and a 4X4 Kubota.
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Farrell Hamann

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The Anti-Defamation League asked him to stop using it. He didn't care.
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Farrell Hamann

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3 kinds of #zebra 
From their smart stripes to the power of their kicks, behold the wonders of zebras.
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Farrell Hamann

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Before a single vote was cast, the election was fixed by GOP and Trump operatives. Starting in 2013 – just as the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act – a coterie of Trump operatives, under the direction of Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, created a system to purge 1.1 million Americans of color …
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Farrell Hamann

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Bonehead #Trump  is a #lying  asshole.
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Farrell Hamann

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world class - See this image on Photobucket.
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Visual artist/writer
There are two Farrell Hamann people. I'm the older one who never played college Basketball.

Have art works in the White House collection, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, The Petaluma Museum, and some celebs.

Quotes:  "Unique collection" The J. Paul Getty Museum
"Fascinating Mosaic eggs" Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
"Beautiful" Oprah Winfrey
"American version of the Faberge egg"  KCRA TV Sacramento
"A world of visual gems" The Sacramento Bee (Encore Mag.)

Ordained Minister (Universal Life Church) Funny!!!

Please see my cool videos on youtube at: farrellhamann
  • Cass Tech., Mumford Wayne State U, University of Michigan (Detroit)
  • Log Cabin Building
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Artist, Writer
Had "writer's file" with The Tonight Show back in the day. Novelist:
  • Visual artist, Writer
    Artist, Writer, present
  • Standard & Poors, Chrysler, UCSB, Associated Marine, State of Alaska, RSR Quemetco, Sea Alaska, R..L. Polk , Borroughs Corp.,
  • Assoicated Marine/Seattle
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Sacramento, Ca
Michigan - Michigan, Paris,France, NYC, Juneau, Alaska, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Washington, Sacramento, Ca
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Mighty Hunter

Farrell Hamann Fine art.

Pug Dog Mia

Princess Wackatakasockamocka, former best in show dog but abused (she got over it pretty well).

Mosaic eggs

Artist: Farrell Hamann"Unique collection" J. Paul Getty Museum

Chateau on Rock sculpture

Part of the Farrell Hamann "Castle Collection."

Beehive Fences in East Africa Protect Farms from Elephants

All photos courtesy The Elephants & Bees Project / Lucy King When trying to protect farms in east Africa from elephants, it would seem that

Inside SF's Exclusive, High-Cost Concierge Health Clinics

Sean Knox's first encounter with concierge health care was 10 years ago. "My doctor at UCSF let me know he was leaving and entering concierg


The demolition of Candlestick Park began February 2, 2014. Photographs by Max Junk.

New Bubble Wrap To Drop Its Pop

The company that makes the iconic packaging material is introducing a new version of their product.

Greenland Tower

Ohio State Buckeye Anthem

Bo Dogly Speaks

Quoting Bo Dogly: Resisting the urge to go down to the Murk and order a stiff drink. Actually, I only drink sherry in Paris with elderly Fre

Walmart's Spooky Greeters

Walmart's Spooky Greeters. 3 minutes. Walmart's Spooky Greeters 2. They got fired from Walmart for giving out bad candy (Walmart candy) and

Temptation of the Salty Sea

Exulted One fighting evil with his trusty turd rifle Temptation of the Salty Sea Acolyte lesson II Welcome Acolyte and seeker. The Church of

Shadow Cherry/シャドウチェリー

"Shadow Cherry" (see toys below) "桜をシャドウ (下のおもちゃを参照してください) Inverted color 反転色 Man without pants, hiding "stuff" behind palm frond. ズボンなしの人、ヤ

Limbaughzbub the real story behind the arch freak of national radio

Limbaughzbub The real story of Rush Limbaugh The biggest asshole on national radio, world class liar, and a miserable creep The golden shove

Bo Dogly Speaks

Quoting Bo Dogly: A nice big fan is always a thoughtful accommodation when having sex. It just does not have to be a 42 inch Tube-axial fan

I'll give it all up and collect Beanie Babies!!

LoveThisPic offers beautiful and inspiring pictures, as well as DIY and tips to live a happier life.

Can't breath, too much fragrance, makes your lungs hurt. I'm a full time artist with work in the White House collection and buy lots of art materials. Prices high at Hobby Lobby and the owner is a freak, don't want to give him any money.
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