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New Tool In Fighting Depression:For individuals addressing a mood disorder such as depression, symptoms could be overwhelming and life threatening. Our technology and our understanding of depression has advanced in recent years. Along with this advancement, new tools have been discovered in fighting symptoms of depression. Currently, drug treatment and/or talk therapy are the most common tools utilized in this battle. A company in West Whales has received approval for transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) device. This treatment involves the use of magnetic energy over the head to target the brain's mood circuit. How this treatment actually works to improve depressive symptoms is still unclear. Although still in it's early stages, this treatment approach does look promising. For more information ...

Our Brain Says it All... Scientist Look at Our Brains to Confirm We Are In Love!

Recent findings in a study conducted by a group of scientists from  New York and China, discovered that mapping our brain patterns, we may be able to tell if someone is in love.  The sample size, although somewhat small (100 people) "revealed that people who were deeply in love and those who had recently broken up with their partner showed differences in a number of brain regions, particularly some that make up the brain's so-called "reward center" and are involved in emotion regulation and feelings of motivation and pleasure."

When a person falls in love, there is an increase in activity in the brain's reward center. After a break up, the brain's reward center decreases. This gives us a better understanding of the human brain, and possible interventions in the future for mental health issues.

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Bullying and Mental Health

It is easy to feel empathy for a victim of bullying. It is more difficult to see it from a perspective of the perpetrator.  However, a study conducted by National Survey of Children's Health, discovered that over thirty percent of children who bully, have a mental health diagnosis. Certain mental health symptoms could present themselves that would result in these type of behaviors.  The study is careful not excuse bullying. It does however, lend support that it is helpful to understand bullying from all perspectives.  Mental health issues such as depression, often have symptoms such as aggression that go along with it. For more information ...

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But Mom....Everyone in School Smokes Pot!!!!

Inevitably, If a child is caught smoking marijuana, and are confronted by their parents about their use, they will defend their action. The age old response “but everyone at school smokes” most likely will be accessed. This may perceptually seem accurate to them, but statistically it is not. 
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSA) publishes surveys gathered from across the nation on trends on patterns of use of illicit drugs (The survey is the primary source of information on the use of illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco in the civilian, noninstitutionalized population of the United States aged 12 years old or older. Approximately 67,500 persons are interviewed in NSDUH each year). 
The findings of this study are contrary to this argument. Current marijuana use was reported by 7.5 percent of those aged 12 or older. Out of all the illicit drug use reported, marijuana was used by 80.6 percent of current illicit drug users. All together, 24% of use reported current illicit drug use. Transversely, this means 75% of use DO NOT use illicit drugs.
This information should be helpful for parents when addressing substance abuse concerns with their children. Discussions could revolve around why believe “everyone uses.” Ultimately, the conversation would revolve around who their peer group is and how many use within THEIR circle. This circle is not representative of the youth population as a whole. Similar comparisons could be drawn about height. The average height for an American male is 5’10”. If someone is 6 feet tall they are above average. However, 6 feet would put you 7 inches under the average height for a professional basketball player. If you reference the average American male you will reach a different conclusion than referencing basketball players. Same applies using a group of youth of friends and concluding “everyone uses.”
If parents stay clear of this argument it will allow them to focus on the more direct concern they are addressing. The child’s use, parent’s feelings about their use, and possible consequences attached to their child’s decision to use and be in a using environment.
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