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Jarkko Laine
Writer. Micropublisher. Home baker. Dad. Insanely interested in everything.
Writer. Micropublisher. Home baker. Dad. Insanely interested in everything.

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Thanks for including me in the group! Nice to meet all of you.

I have been baking bread for a few years, maybe five or so, and bake most of the bread my family eats. Sourdough is my true love, but I also like to experiment with other methods of bread making from time to time.

I also publish an online magazine on bread, called Bread :)  (

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Now, this is a great way to make a bicycle.

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Thomas Thwaites built a toaster from scratch. It took 9 months, cost him over £1,000 -- and almost worked.

Our collective society makes things seem so easy... until you try to do it yourself :) 

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Browsing the Cigar Box Guitar Builders and Players group and watching videos such as this make me want to get started on building my second CBG... The first one was more of an experiment, next time I want to make it something that can be played like this one!

In his latest book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, +Guy Kawasaki recommends using Google+ as a  platform for publishing ideas, similar to a blog. He writes: 

"If you don’t already blog or if you have a blog that few people read, we recommend making Google+ your blogging platform. It is much easier to generate traffic for a Google+ account than for a stand-alone blog because of the built-in sharing and liking features of the service."

Since the beginning of 2013, I have been posting one short post a day on my blog. Looking at the posts, I'm starting to think that Kawasaki might be on to something here. Google+ seems to be much closer to blogging compared to, for example, Facebook.

Does this fit the way you use Google+? If you use both Google+ and Facebook, have you noticed this kind of a difference between the two social networks? 

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Here's one of my favorite articles from the latest issue of Bread...

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If you love bread, or are interested in crafts, my new (free) magazine might be for you. The first edition came out today and features interviews with 3 amazing bakers: Larry Lowary, Richard Bertinet, and Phil Agnew — and more. :)

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Throughout January, I sent a daily letter to my Curious&Creative mailing list. To compensate for the lack of blog archives, I compiled the letters into a pdf mini e-book. If you are curious to read what I wrote, you can download the e-book here:
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