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I can see it now. IPhone 7 with no headphone jack. Then a V.P. comes out to talk about how cool Bluetooth 5 is. How the iPhone will be the only mobile device with Bluetooth 5 built right in. Next they will introduce some $300 Bluetooth 5 ear buds (colors match phones) followed by a film of Jony Ive making it sound like Apple invented wireless earbuds. With iOT built in a lovely model will control her oven with her earbud, all to Jony's soothing voice..
Otherwise known as the worst phone ever.
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Since I payed $30 more for this hotel than others nearby, I had high expectations. Got to our room. TV broken. Refrigerator broken. Down to the lobby. Got another room. Broken TV, Broken Fridge. I surrender. Couldn't find ice. We had to eat our Chicago Pizza on the window ledge since I couldn't find anywhere but the bed to sit.
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The food was delicious. We had the bacon cheeseburger, kids meal chicken tenders, and the baked potato skins. We had lemonade which was fountain drink style. Seats can be reserved online. You push a button and a server comes to you. It is a little annoying to have lights going off and hearing voices. I highly recommend ordering before the previews begin. The room goes dark when the previews begin. You cannot read your menu in the dark with the server in front of you (they get aggressive about getting orders in before the movie starts) Tipping and credit card exchange rounds occur a little over an hour into the movie. Distracting. Food was over $60 for 2 adults and one child) with tip; not including $38 for admission (so be warned). Seats are large and comfy. Rockers -- not like the recliners at other revamped AMC theaters. I searched for a counter where I might find popcorn and drinks. It does not exist. A small popcorn must be bought through your server. In conclusion this theater is like going to Hawaii.. The food in Hawaii is a level above and so is AMC's -- everything is delicious. I am talking $500/night resort good. Hawaii costs about $500 per person per night. AMC is about $40 person. I love being in Hawaii even though it is expensive. I also love being at a AMC dine-in theater for the same reasons. [UPDATE] AMC killed the Potato Skins. They were so good. Dang you AMC!
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I pulled up to the drive thru and was greeted courteously. My order was delivered 1 minute later hot and delicious. NOTE: This restaurant hosts BOTH Long John Silvers & A&W Root Beer. "I'll have a double cheese and a 2 fish combo.."
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