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"Make Up is My Wig"
"Make Up is My Wig"


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Dancing for Gold Super MC with YouTube sensation, Tara Romano, licensed Zumba Fitness instructor. This 90 minute master class will help raise funds for #TaliasLegacy. Click the link to learn more and buy your tickets.

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We are counting down the hours now. Only 8 left to order your special "Think Talia - Think Cure" #ChildhoodCancer awareness shirt. September is only a few days away and we want to make a statement to the world, like Talia did. We want to help spread awareness and help raise funding for more research to one day find a cure. Finding a cure was Talia's one wish. Please don't miss out and order your shirt today.

You can choose from black or white, and many different styles. Once you have your shirt, please send in a photo of you wearing your shirt so we can add it to our special "Think Talia - Think Cure" album for September. Thank you in advance for continuing to support #TaliasLegacy. We appreciate every single one of you! <3

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Talia's Birthday Wish - Video 1

We had so many submissions for Talia's Birthday Wish that we had to make two videos. Here is Video 1. Thank you to everyone who participated in this special Birthday Wish Video for Talia. <3

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Talia would have started High School today, but her and many other victims of Childhood Cancer will never get a chance to make it that far. They will never get to pick out their outfit for the first day, or try out for cheerleading. They will never get to experience Homecoming, Prom or what it's like to get to root for your home team at a pep rally. They will never get to experience the excitement and freedom of learning how to drive. They will be robbed of this experience and many others as Childhood Cancer research is severely underfunding. We are hoping to change that.

Please help us raise awareness during September, which is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Our new “Think Talia - Think CURE” shirts are available for purchase until the morning of August 25th so that they will be shipped during the month of September, for you to wear in honor of Talia and all of the other Childhood Cancer Warriors who have fought or are still fighting. You may choose from different styles and a white or black shirt. Proceeds will go towards clinical trials and research for Childhood Cancer. Please help us raise awareness and help find a cure. Talia's Legacy's Mission is to "Find a Cure for Childhood Cancer, While Bringing JOY along the way." Thank you for you support!

Click the link to order your shirt

See the video here:

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Talia's Birthday Wish
Talia’s 15th Birthday is approaching in about a week on Monday, August 18th. Each year when our birthday arrives most of us have a tradition about making a wish when we blow out our candles. Talia won’t be able to make any more birthday wishes as her life was cut short from #ChildhoodCancer. Her last wish was for a cure for childhood cancer so she could have many more birthdays and wishes to come. For her birthday, we are asking that everyone send in a picture or video of themselves blowing out a candle for Talia and making a wish for her. We would like to add selected videos and photos to a special slideshow we are creating for Talia’s birthday. For the video, please keep it to no more than 10 seconds long (or we will have to cut it short), and for the photo please submit your short wish with the photo. Please send them to, or upload on your YouTube channel and send a link, or load to our Facebook page. Thank you for participating in Talia’s Birthday Wish. ♥

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#RememberTalia - Rest well sweet Angel above...

Hearts are heavy today as we prepare for Talia's one year Angel-Versary. Staying busy has been the key to keeping the emotions from rising to the surface, but it doesn't always work. Missing Talia and reliving those last days from a year ago are ever present and it's getting harder. Please help us to continue to honor her and her family during this difficult time. We have given everyone so many ways to help us keep Talia's legacy alive, especially for this first year of being without her.

Here are the many ways you can help honor our Angel, but please remember to add hash tag #RememberTalia to whatever you do:

- Please remember that tomorrow night at 11:59pm EST is the last time you will be able to order the limited edition first year Angel-Versary shirts.

- Please help us by starting your own #MintMani campaign, donating or sharing the link with other's you know Also, please send us your mint mani photos in honor of Talia to, or add it to our timeline or private message. We are using the proceeds to help fund a program Talia started called #GlamWars at Children's Hospitals around the nation, starting locally. Glam Wars helps children currently fighting cancer use the power of MakeUp to feel beautiful again, like Talia did.

- If you are making a video in Talia's honor, please don't forget to share the YouTube link with us, or email Mike Gillette at who will send you a DropBox invite for you to save the video to so we can share these tribute videos on Talia's social media platforms. You may also share the video on our timeline or private message.

- If you would like to honor Talia in your own way and share your photos with us, please again submit to, upload to our timeline or private message us. You can send us photos of you in one of your Talia's Legacy tee-shirts. You can draw a little fishy on your wrist and write "Just Keep Swimming". You can do something Talia loved to do and send a photo. Here is a list of things Talia loved doing:
- Eating Blue Cotton Candy, Pinkberry Yogurt
- Drinking Starbuck's Carmel Macchiato
- Eating Lychees, Watermelon or Mango
- Eating Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
- Post a Makeup Tutorial or a Picture of you Watching Her Videos
- Paint Your Nails in Mint or with Lots of Bling
- Post a Photo of You Going to the Beach, Swimming in the Pool
- Post a Photo of you Going to Disney

Please Whatever you want to honor Talia for us to Share with the World!

Thank you so much from Talia's Legacy.

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Only an hour and left to order your limited edition shirt. This will be the last opportunity! Don't miss out.

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Wishing all of our wonderful fans a Happy 4th of July! #July4 #RedWhiteBlue

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100% - what the survival rate should be for all kids with cancer - #StepUp #Congress #SoundOff

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Storming Capitol Hill asking #Congress to #StepUp for more funding for #ChildhoodCancer!
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