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What's with our app taking up so much memory space? I just discovered data on the WSJ app occupied 350Mb - far higher than anything else on my phone!

Still having a hard time with notifications. Specifically, on breaking news alerts, it's not always possible to expand a notification that spills over into several lines. Do other people have this issue?

Is there any way I can stop the notification that tells me that "today's edition of WSJ has now downloaded"? I'm in Hong Kong and this always arrives in the evening. Also I find this kind of annoying, because if I'm on mobile, why do I care about the print edition?

Since upgrade am getting a lot of "Unfortunately, WSJ Android app has stopped" messages upon reopening app. Will try to send a report next time this happens.

Can anyone tell me where to find our markets coverage (and/or index values) in the new app?

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Encountering strange issue with bold text on special characters in body text font. See screenshot.

I've just upgraded to Android 5.0 Lollipop and am finding some issues emerging. Stories don't load as reliably as before the upgrade and breaking news alerts don't display in full. Will let you know if there are any more problems.

Hello all! Just testing Asia edition now on HTC One M8. Have noticed the sharing settings are pretty limited - there's no Whatsapp integration, for example, and I can't share via WeChat either (which has been a big focus for us here in Asia recently). Is this something that's likely to be included later?

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Well hang on a minute. What's the average cost of each Emirati to the UAE? 

And you also have to count things like Etisalat and du bills, which are effective taxation mechanisms.

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