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Divinoamor's profile photo
3 weeks ago
You don't need to pray here to pray to God. God cannot be contained in a small building, the Temple, the Ark of the covenant were mere symbols of what was to come. Just like God poured out his spirit to Moses and the 70 elders, God gave us his Holy Spirit. Now our bodies are the living temples of God. Only those who accept Yehoshua the Messiah will receive the gift of God's spirit. No matter how much you pray here, it is an abandoned building to God. God is what made this place Holy, not the temple. His presence is not dwelling there, nor is it dwelling in Mecca. As God promised Abraham, all the Nations will be blessed by your offspring. ( 1 offspring, not many) This offspring is the YHVH himself in the flesh. Also known as his title Jesus the Messiah, Yehoshua the Messiah. Jesus Christ was fully man by the flesh of Mary and Fully God by the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God dwelt in the flesh. God promised to King David, your son will be my Son... You will have a king forever. Jesus Christ is that eternal king. Jesus Christ first came to free Israel from their sinful spiritual bondage. Jesus Christ lived a sinless life. He was a living Nazarite vow as described in the book of numbers. Jesus Christ became our High Priest for us, never needing to sacrifice for himself, He offered himself as an atonement once in for all, to all who believe in Him. All who trust in Jesus Christ, are putting their hands on the head of the ultimate sacrificial lamb. Jesus Christ destroyed the symbolic spiritual barrier from the Tabernacle, the curtain veil that separates the Holy place from the most Holy place. That veil was the symbolic separation of the sin that separated man from God. Jesus Christ made a way for us through that barrier, a barrier only God himself can break. He paid it with His life. Aaron as a High Priest could only enter once a year to intercede for the people in the most Holy place. In the symbolic Ark of the Covenant or Mercy Seat, that represented God's throne in Heaven. Jesus Christ entered the real Holy of Holies, He is next to the Father interceding for us day and night. This is why Jerusalem's temple was done away with good. Why the Leviticus atonements are done with. Jesus Christ is the real bread of life, greater than the mana that Moses and the people ate that came from heaven. Jesus Christ is God with us, Emmanuel. The Messiah already came and defeated death and broke the chains that Sin has on all who believe in Him. When Jesus Christ comes back again, it will to judge and not save.
• • •
Rachmad Yusuf
3 months ago
23 october 2015 come al mahdi
Wuu Maya's profile photo
Wuu Maya
4 months ago
The city of Peace, the land of Peace, the religion of Peace. Why they do not let its people to live in peace in their homeland?? Since they came, they killed the peace dove and uprooted the olive tree. I Love you Al Aqsa Mosque (Al Haram AlShareef) I love you Jerusalem (Al Quds) I Love you Palestine. Google you can't make this place under "Israel" name, while all the International laws say it is an occupied Palestinian Land.
AARON GARCIA's profile photo
2 months ago
GOD bless Israel for ever and ever And let your enemies, be destroyed. Holy land that belongs to Jews. We love you Israel.
Danny Herman's profile photo
Danny Herman
2 weeks ago
The Temple Mount is perhaps the holiest mountain in the world! It was the location of the Jewish temple in antiquity, but since the 7th centurt is a holy Muslim site. Visits to the site qre quite limited for non-Muslims, still, it is a highly recommended experience for any visitor to Israel!
Jim Bob
4 months ago
The Temple Mount belongs to Israel, to the Jews and its time people wake up and accept that, actually much more land was given to them by God than they have right now. There is a day coming when the Temple WILL be rebuilt and no one can stop that, and the day is coming when Jesus Himself comes back and sits down on the throne. God promise to Israel, the Jews will never be broken.
Saud Buqais's profile photo
Saud Buqais
6 months ago
when you read about the History of Israel. It shows that Israel never exists. This land will be free one day. Wheather the jews like it or not.. Long live the state of Palestine! No matter how much people try to erase its true identity. It's an Arab state, and will remain that way.
mano abdel's profile photo
mano abdel
7 months ago
Not jerusalem but al qods...our holey qods for day we chick in all into together muslims and honorable men...thats the promise of the GOD...