Programming languages alter your mind. Admit it. If I was a language inventor, I'd make that obvious by naming it #shrooms  and guide the design around #trips .

The language itself would be unpredictable - you are free to experiment with your own syntax and libraries. #chaos  ? No. #freedom , yes. And it is pretty real.

Every #shroom  flavor has a name and is consistent under this name and version. Backward compatibility is not guaranteed. Versioning is used solely to describe how  #shrooms  of the same genus are different from each other. This is to enlighten users on the mysterious ways (to upgrade their code) and free them (from backward compatibility curse) towards more psychedelic experience (pleasant #trips ).  #shroom  family and the version is the only anchor to the real world, and it is written as the magic string at the top of the Source "# genus version". `genus` is name and can consist of multiple words. Version always starts with digit.

#trips  are an interesting phenomenon. Usually languages are developed by some kind of intuition plus specification. #trip  is a story describing personal experience of a  #shroom  user. That experience is linked to different #shrooms , it includes emotions, expectations and the outcomes. #trip  is not a boring speccy or a scientific paper, although it may include valid formulas and hallucinations. In fact, any visual material is more welcome than text, because #trip  should #deliver  and make the process of going through the #trip  fun.

This  #freedom  of mutation will bring up new species that are less harmful to the mind, more pleasant for the user, improve the user's life quality without affecting the lifespan.
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