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Episode 13 - The Big Smoke
* Welcome
to VS * Talking about tobacco; Nicotiana species * SONG PULP FICTION - THE STATLER BROTHERS -
Etymology of "cigar" * Origin
of tobacco *
Commercial tobacco production * Nicotine * Cancer *
Interview with Gerry Oleman - Decolo...

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Episode 11: Show Me Your Music!
Song: Air - [Talkie Walkie #02] Cherry Blossom Girl Song:  Chad VanGaalen - [Soft Airplane CD1 #01] Willow Tree Song:  Edison Lighthouse - [Bubblegum Classics Volume One CD1 #08] Love
Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) Song:  Timber Timbre - [Timber Timbre CD1 ...

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Episode 11: Seek and Ye Shall Find
Download - coming soon Intro
/ My feet are killing me Interview: Cora Skaien - Gulf
Islands plant evolves to protect itself from deer Interview: Robin Harford - Interview
about foraging SONG: Rocky
Mountain Rebel Music - Digitalis SONG: Cameron
Twyford - Be...

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Episode 10: Whose Lot is it Anyway?
Listen/Download Intro Outline of Lot450,
PRSC Audio: Conversation
from Direct Action at Lot450 Audio: City Council
Meeting, May 21st - SaveLot450 Show ID: Vegetation Station Audio: City Council
Meeting, May 21st - Q&A Outro Audio: Bird recordings from Lot45...

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Episode 9: Seeds and Seed Security
Intro Seeds,
Seed Saving USC Canada Audio: USC Canada - I am a Seed Saver Interview, recorded: Jacob
Keary-Moreland - Toronto
Seed Library Song: Formidable Vegetable Sound System-
SOS - Save our Seeds Interview, recorded: Interview
with Chris Thoreau - Seed...

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Episode 8: Mama and the Fellerbuncher
Download Link Or stream Episode features: Intro Mother's day Mother earth Week in
review - Rally
Saturday 9th; savelot450 Mothers
Unite for Mother Earth Audio: Lesley Thorsell - Mothers Unite for
Mother Earth ; Judi Tyabji, Robert Colasanto Photography Medi...

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Episode 7: Most Gross Compost
Episode 7:  Most Gross Compost Listen or download   - (audio at bottom of the page) Week in review: From Beer To Eternity A Library Fundraiser also World naked gardening day! , videos Geoff Lawton - Permaculture Soil...

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Episode 6: A Song for the Earth
Episode 6: A Song for the Earth Listen or download - (audio at bottom of the page) Intro SONG: Danny Michel - Feather, Fur & Fin Earth Week flag raising - Leslie Thorsell Carol Engram hosted an open house about
vermicomposting with red wrigglers Ecossential...

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Episode 5 - Hot Pepper!
Listen or download  - (audio at bottom of linked page) Intro SONG: The Impossibles - Hot pepper  (1975 album Hot Pepper) What are hot
peppers? Capsicum species Black
peppers are not hot peppers Origin and
history of Hot Peppers -

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Extra: Katrina Craig's Art Exhibit - Wilding Things
See Kartina Craig's artwork live at VIU's Powell River campus; going on until May 5th! Here are some beautiful plant-inspired images from her exhibit, Wilding Things.  Listen to the Vegetation Station audio interview here ! Blackberry Queen
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