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My latest post, not really white hat but I like writing of alternative techniques...

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Who do you think can really call themselves SEO’s? Which are the technical skills but also the soft skills that are required, desirable and a nice plus, to deserve this title?
10 Experts share their thoughts on my blog.
What about you?

Post has attachment I've been asked a few interesting questions regarding SEO and link building on WebpageFX's site. Read more here...

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An interview with me about #SEO and more 

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11 Productivity Hacks for Content Creation

I've spoken with some of the top content marketers/SEOs in the industry to get their insight into how they increase productivity during the content creation stage - some really good advice here.

Thanks to +Matthew Woodward, +John Rampton, +Marie Haynes, +Peter Attia, +James Norquay, +Steve Morgan, +simon penson, +Giuseppe Pastore, +Jayson DeMers and +Dana DiTomaso.

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[OFFERTA DI LAVORO] Search Engine Marketing Analyst
In Gt ci sono delle scrivanie troppo grandi e delle sedie vuote.

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My recent post "The first (brief) guide to Dropped Link Building" cited here:
Best of Google Plus // #5 now released!
                     _Weekly blog series_

Best of Google Plus is a kick ass blog series that is published every Friday!

This blog series highlights the best content that was posted on Google Plus throughout each week. (from Friday to Friday)

The Best of Google+ is great for those of you who wish to keep up with what's going on, on the web!

The Best of Google+ highlights the top 25 posts from Google Plus! It gives bloggers an opportunity to have their content promoted on an industry authority blog. It's a great way for you to "earn some natural links" too!

Search Simplicity understands that the majority of you just don't have the time to devour the web the way you want. Some of you have to work. We understand that.

We make it easy for you to find the best content, so that you don't have to waste all of your free time, searching.

Search Simplicity is not paid for inclusion. We do not discriminate, we also try to not include the "most shared" blogs. Were all for the little man, and we try our best to post unique, unheard of blogs, with the most awesome (content) material.

If you'd like to have this blog series, along with the other amazing blog posts that are published weekly by Search Simplicity, then make sure you sign-up for our blog feed and or private newsletter. This will assure that All of our content is delivered directly to your email, each week.

This weeks *Best of Google+* is power packed with some of the best content I've personally ever read.

Please show your respect by sharing this post. The authors have worked very hard to create their content for you!

The Best of Google Plus Presents: #bestofgoogleplus5   #searchsimplicity   #contentawards   #contentmarketing   #naturallinks   #googleplus  

Some of the authors who made this weeks "Best of Google+" include, but are not limited to:

+Aaron Friedman - +Kahena Digital Marketing - +Giuseppe Pastore -  +Chris Goward - +Justinas Kundrotas - +AJ Kohn - +Micah Fisher-Kirshner - +Kaila Strong - +Jason Acidre - +Gazalla Gaya - #billgates  - +Barry Schwartz - #expedia  - +Danny Sullivan - +Kalee Raisor - +eriksherman35 - +Eric Enge - +ShannonSkinnet Skinner - +Mars Dorian - and so, so much more!

For those of you whom I couldn't properly find and link / give credit to, I apologize.. I've added a link to your profile below.

I give a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped make this possible..

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This post shows a little twist of broken #link #building in which you target dropped domains that have changed topic or are now parked (instead of broken ones).
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