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Here I am at the FDA hearings last week to discuss the future of stem cell therapies. The stakes in the outcome of this meeting are HUGE! My goal was to help the FDA see that autologous stem cell therapy should be classified more similar to a tissue (HCT/P 361), than that of a drug (HCT/P 351). Currently all stem cell therapies are lumped together as a drug (HCT/P 351). Autologous therapies are YOUR OWN CELLS, pose no harm to anyone ELSE, and should be treated as your own tissue

The critics who want to keep all stem cell therapies as one classification always point to rogue stem cell clinics. The point I make in this video is that adverse events at stem cells clinics are NOT stem cells gone rogue, but it is practicioners gone rogue. We just need more oversight of the people who run these clinics. But we should NOT RECLASSIFY THE THERAPY to make it nearly impossible for physicians to administer this therapy!! We simply need accreditation for these clinics according to the types of therapy they administer!

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We have recently heard of patients traveling to the Dominican Republic for BBL and other plastic surgery procedures because the prices are extremely low. CAUTION IS ADVISED. Do not pick your plastic surgeon based on price!!!

Patients must check if the surgery center has equivalent Accreditation with AAAASF or JAHCO, and if the surgeon is Board Certificated. Accredited Surgery Centers will have high standards for sterilization of instruments and Operating Rooms with monitoring on a regular basis. Read about the terrible infections that have recently been reported coming out of Dominican Republic Plastic Surgery centers. #plasticsurgery   #infections   #CDC #dominicanrepublic  

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Learn about the difference between a keloid and a hypertrophic scar: #plasticsurgery #scars  #keloid

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How do you get a long lasting fat graft?   The best technique begins with the cannula selection used in the fat extraction during liposuction.   The fat that is extracted from liposuction is what is used for the fat graft.  

Thin liposuction cannulas with small holes allow only the smallest fat particles to be collected. According to research conducted by Dr. Yoshimura, small fat particles make the best fat grafts!

Read more in my summary below. 

#plasticsurgery   #fatgraft   #liposuction   #cannula  

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If you are considering  having butt injections for a more prominent buttocks, there is only one way to go. The surgeon should be using your own fat and he should be Board Certified Plastic Surgery.  Nothing else is acceptable!  

Do not risk your health to go with a cheaper procedure or a professional who is not Board Certified in the Medical Specialty that teaches the procedure.

It's your body! Be good to it!!

#brazilianbuttlift   #buttinjections  

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Which is better? Botox or Xeomin?

This month a double blind study comparing efficacy of Botox and Xeomin was published in one of our peer reviewed journals.  According to this publication, the results indicate that Botox has more efficacy than Xeomin at intervals during a 4 month period.  The study was double blinded, but I do note that one of the authors is on the advisory Board of Allergen, the maker of Botox.

In any event, the good news is that both are effective against small wrinkles in the face!   #plasticsurgery #botoxinjections   #wrinkles  +ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons)       

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If you are having Plastic Surgery, be sure your doctor is Board Certified in the medical specialty of Plastic Surgery!  Many doctors advertise themselves as 'cosmetic surgeons', but they are trained in other specialties which do not teach techniques and standards of care for cosmetic surgery procedures.  

The board certification certificate that hangs on your Plastic Surgeon's wall should state  *'American Board of Plastic Surgery'*. 
That is the only recognized ABMS approved Medical Board for physicians to practice Plastic Surgery!

Physicians performing Plastic Surgery procedures who are trained in other medical specialties such as OB/GYN do NOT get adequate training to perform cosmetic surgery procedures.  Untrained specialist can cause great harm! Please see the article below to read about what can happen. 

#plasticsurgery   #boardcertification  

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FDA issues warning about counterfeit Botox

Here are the instructions for determining if the vial is fraudulent:
Both the outer carton and vial on the suspect product are counterfeit. The counterfeit product can be identified by one or more of the following:

*the vial is missing the lot number
*the outer carton does not have any entries next to the LOT: MFG: EXP:
*the outer carton and vial display the active ingredient as “Botulinum Toxin Type A” instead of “OnabotulinumtoxinA” 

#FDA   #plasticsurgery  

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The use of Google Glass was documented during a facelift/blepharoplasty procedure. #plasticsurgery   #googleglass  
cc: +ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) 
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