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Fantastic photo
Raising the Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Kirribilli, Sydney, NSW, Australia
NIKON D600 + 24.0-70.0 mm f/2.8 @ 24 mm, 1/250 sec at f/8, ISO 200

On many recent mornings Sydney has been blanketed in fog – which is quite unusual this early in the year – it’s normally May before this starts to happen and even then it’s a pretty rare event

On this morning the fog was about the heaviest I’d ever seen and was still going very strong well after sunrise which seemed unable to burn it off

I was actually on my way to work this day and had just dropped my daughter off at school in North Sydney and since I had my camera with me (just the camera and the 24-70) I figured I’d make a quick side trip to Kirribilli and see what I could shoot

An eerie feeling and hard to believe this is almost 90 minutes after sunrise and the sun is actually quite high up in the sky by now

The classic shot under the harbour bridge looking out across the water towards the Sydney CBD. Normally here we’d be seeing the sails of the Opera House on the left and the city skyline on both sides – here we’re lucky to see the waters edge on this side

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Craig Bishop

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The Ultimate Indoor Kitty Playground! 
See Details Here >>

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Craig Bishop

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these app concepts for the #moto360  watch make we really want one!
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Shipwreck, The Red Sea!

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Absolutely LOVE Brian's Spanish guitar in this!!!!!
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La guitarra simple es de Steve Howe (Yes), la guitarra eléctrica es de Brian. Excelente tema!
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Ok, I'm a newcomer to the group and I'm sure that this has been done before, but I am curious to know people's favourite Queen albums.
As much as I love them all (with the possible exception of Hot Space) I would have to say that my favourite is Sheer Heart Attack. 
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My favorite album is also Sheer Heart Attack. I love every track (well except for the 1st in the lap of the gods). But my favorite song is it's late. I love it so much I learned the intro & riff on guitar 
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A majority of countries regard Internet freedom as a high priority:

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So true
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I did say "UNloaded" ...... wouldn't want to rob the world of this visage just yet ;-)
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I'm a 48 year old former fat man, now Crossfitter and Paleo-Eater. I also run and am a member of an Outrigger Canoe club. Proud member of Ballina Crossfit at the Fighting Fit Super Centre.
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