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Want a made to measure fully fitted wardrobe in time for Christmas? Call or visit one of our showrooms now to see what Henry Charles can do for you...

Whatever your needs for turning your bedroom into a sanctuary, Henry Charles is here to help. 
Call the one of the showrooms on 0800 025 7345 and see how much you can save with the Henry Charles Price Match Guarantee.

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Wow, busy day today. Towards the end of our day, a lady 
(who said we can publish her story, but does not wish to be named) 
visited one of our showrooms, she is a friend of one of our previous customers who recommended us. (Thanks for that)
She told us about the blanket of dust she had gathered on top of her made to measure wardrobe in her bedroom. The lady said it wasn't cheap when she had bought it from a (reputable) big made to measure wardrobe company about five years ago. 
(It wasn't us...)
She said she recently called them out to see if they could supply her some new wardrobes that would leave no gaps for dust, so the fitted wardrobe would go from wall to wall, and floor to as close to the ceiling as possible.
Apparently, she had been to several companies and all have sadly told her no, they can't go above 2200mm high. 
The lady said her friend told her to ask us if we could manufacture her some new wardrobes that would cover her 2600mm high ceilings as the wardrobe we supplied her, covers floor to ceiling, with no gaps for dust.
The lady was delighted to discover Henry Charles limit for sliding wardrobes is 2700mm high x unlimited width.
Whether this lady orders from us or not, it got us thinking, even if Henry Charles isn't the first choice or even the second choice, eventually everyone that is wanting a made to measure wardrobe ends up being our customer eventually, and if they don't, and end up with a blanket of dust on top of their wardrobe (like the lady we met today) it's just a matter of time before you'll visit one of the Henry Charles showrooms to see how different Henry Charles is.
The reason this is being mentioned is because we don't generally have time to advertise online, 90% of our work is word of mouth. Yes we put the odd post on here and there, but what we haven't told you, and what you don't know until now is what we do as standard is what other companies charge extra for or don't do. 
Some quick examples...
Henry Charles staff will do 99% of the work for you, based on your ideas,(or ours, it's up to you) all you have to do is decide on the colours and what you want inside your wardrobes or bespoke home cinema unit etc...
It really is a hassle free process...
Henry Charles joiners are very clean and tidy...
Henry Charles do evening measuring appointments 
(Please book during the day before 4pm)...
Henry Charles doors can be as high as 2700mm...
Henry Charles staff will always treat you with respect...
Henry Charles staff will never use gimmicks i.e 
50% off + another 10% off if you buy today.
Henry Charles will give you the lowest possible price available, and maybe a couple of other options (depending what you are after) and give you the top and bottom price.
For example, If it was said that a made to measure wardrobe with a plinth and scribing pieces, wardrobe interiors and sliding wardrobe doors could be fitted for £3000.00 including VAT, you may think, wow that's still 40% cheaper than what another company quoted with their gimmicky 50% off, that's amazing! 
Well if we quoted you between £3000 and £4500 for a wardrobe, and we went through the options and you went with the £3000 option, you are still going to have an amazing wardrobe that is built to last for many many years to come. 
Maybe you don't need or want wardrobe lighting or bedside cabinets to match the colour of the wardrobe, and that's fine.
If you have read this far, thank you. There is just a little bit more...
Ideally, you are looking for a new made to measure wardrobe, you are quite happy for one of our fitters to come and measure up which usually takes around 15 minutes, depending how many rooms, and what you wish to discuss at the time. The person that measures up will never sit in your house, not wanting to leave without a commitment. If someone does that, they are not from Henry Charles. We are overly busy for this time of year, but we are not complaining, we have decided to expand even further afield than Keighley and Horsforth, and will be having at least one new showroom soon... 
Anyway, the person who measured up will draw up some plans and work out a price. Within 24 hours, you will get an email, then later a call to confirm you had the email and see if you had the chance to view it. 
If you have, great, please give us honest feedback about whether you want to go ahead or leave it for whatever reason, and that's fine either way, if you decide it's not for you, we won't hold it against you, we will be happy that you got to visit one of our showrooms so you can see what we do.
Let's put it this way if you plan on living in the same house for quite a few more years, then you can let Henry Charles make your bedroom your sanctuary. Oh yeah, we do bespoke units, so you can hide your TV or safe, but unless you visit us, you won't know. Anyway, thanks very much for reading, following or liking us, or all of the above, we look forward to meeting you when you decide you want a dust free bedroom... Until then, see you later! 

We have just received over 100 likes on Facebook for this post, how many +1's will we get? 

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When it comes to sliding wardrobe doors, which do you think looks better?

Glass doors
Wooden doors
Combination of Glass and Wood 

You decide...

To make your choice, just tick the box below...

Henry Charles
Aireworth Mills
Aireworth Road
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
BD21 4DH
0800 025 7345

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Combination of Glass and Wood
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