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Does anyone know if it's possible to display a category description using the Category widget in 6.3?

Hi, I don't know if someone can help. We keep getting console errors for "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS" in areas of the Sitefinity dashboard when it tries to access the Sitefinity services, e.g. /Sitefinity/Services/Content/CalendarService.svc. We're running v7 on SQL Server. Any ideas of how to fix this are welcome.

We have a Sitefinity site running on MySQL and we're looking to create a widget that connects to another MsSQL database. What's the best route forward for this? I had a look at just adding a connection string, however when running the query I get "Unable to find the requested .Net Framework Data Provider.  It may not be installed."

Any help appreciated.



On an Ecommerce project, I am wondering how we can auto-generate pages based on the URLs for a hierarchy of departments.

It will be possible for departments to be multiple levels deep. A simple example is;

- Department A
--- Department AA
--- Department AB
------ Department ABA
- Department B

We have downloaded the SDK starter kit and see that pages are manually created for each department. What would be the best way to achieve this without manually creating each page?


Hi,  we're looking for a way in which users can only have access to certain form responses. Is there a way to grant permissions around responses? Does anyone have any recommended methods for doing this?


It's time for the last long run before London. Only 3 weeks to go! #VMLM

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Cool and unique art installation from Google

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Interesting read about home The Guardian changed domain name with minimal impact. 
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