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DockbarX is a themeable, feature rich, application centered taskbar for linux
DockbarX is a themeable, feature rich, application centered taskbar for linux


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For a couple of days I've been using the gtk3 port of DockbarX on my home computer. It works better than I expected but I'm sure there's quite a few bugs to be uncovered still.

And it's note feature complete. Only the standalone dock works and no other dock applets than dockbarx itself are ported. And the keyboard shortcuts doesn't work yet. And most importantly I haven't ported over DockbarX preferences dialog, since I intend to write a brand new one. so for now you have to change the prefrences via dconf-editor.

To install the gtk3 port of DockbarX, downlad the pymigration branch and follow the install instructions in the README.

DockbarX 0.92 is in the PPA. The AUR is not yet updated. I don't know about packages for other distros since I only use xubuntu and archlinux myself.

I'd love some feeback on the dynamic window list. Should it be default or should the old behavior be default behavior? And does it work correctly when multiple worskpaces or monitors are used, I use only one workspace on one monitor myself so I'm not sure if it works as suspected.

No updates in almost two years here. Sorry, I am a very lazy developer. I will try to improve but everything that's going on in my life right now, I can't make any promises.

Anyway, DockbarX 0.92 is released. It's mostly bug fixes. The only new feature is a dynamic window list.

The window list now shows the last activated window first in the window list, instead of showing windows in the order they were opened. This makes switching between windows with scroll wheel or super+number combo much more natural, in my opinion. The old behavior is still selectable via preferences.

I hope the PPA will be updated shortly.

I had hoped to be able to get a semi-working version of DockbarX gtk3 out for testing before today but it is not yet working well enough to be committed to git. And I wont be committing it (or handle bug reports) in a couple of weeks because I've got another commitment that will take up my time. I'm getting married today.

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Help me redesign the preferences dialog, by giving your opinion. Take a look at this issue:

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I've been working on the port to gtk3 during the last weeks. It's going a lot better than my last try two years ago. I have it more or less working except there's no way to configure it at the moment since I haven't done the port from gconf to gsettings yet. There has been a lot of irritation when things that are supposed to work simply doesn't because of limitations in pygobject introspection but I've been able to work around most of them by now. If someone want's to check out the work in progress, you'll find it in the pygi-migration branch. Remember this it to be considered pre-alpha.

By the way, can someone point me to a python program that uses gsettings? I would like to see a real world example to get started.

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DockbarX 0.91.4 is the lastest bug fix release. It contains a fix that stops DockbarX from freezing when minimizing windows while using certain themes.

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Bug fix release 0.91.3 is out. 0.91.2 fixed a few thing so that a bug in xfce4-dockbarx-plugin could be fixed. Sadly it also broke DockX. 0.91.3 fixes that. In other words, nothing useful here for you if you do not use xfce4-dockbarx-plugin. But if you use it upgrade both xfce4-dockbarx-plugin to 0.3.1 and DockbarX to 0.91.3.

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And the first bug fix release is out. Bug #1331820 (on launchpad) was fixed. DockbarX didn't expand correctly when it was the only applet on DockX running in corner or centered mode.

DockbarX 0.91.1 is also the first release on github. :)

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You asked for a switch from launchpad to github, now it's done.

I like the way git handles branches so I think this will be an exiting change. I have a few things I'm not sure about still, though:
- Is there a way to port all current bugs from launchpad into github issues?
- I can't remove launchpad completely since github has no translation system, as far as I know. What parts of launchpad should I shut down and what should I keep around? How should I do it?
- Is there anything else that you usually should do after setting up a github project and pushing the code to it? I'm really new to git and github.
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