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andrea featherstone teaches practical mindfulness strategies for indecisive busy people as a path to having a "bloody good life". ( i love that!) she has a fresh approach to building worthiness and quieting that inner voice that tells us we are not enough, which i can't wait to learn more about!

you can find andrea on at project self:
and on facebook:

i think you will fall in love with her stuff as much as i have! she is a wonderful example of a lighthouse!

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join expert guest, gail o'keeffe as we shine a spotlight on EFT (emotional freedom technique, or tapping as it is often called), which is a fantastic technique for clearing blocks and creating intentions. along with an introduction to EFT we will chat about how this empowering tool can be used to help you stand tall, build yourself up, and rise above any stuck "stuff" that comes up in your path. join us for an engaging and helpful session!

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Take a look at this video on YouTube:

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a FREE webinar for women in biz, from karen gunton & the #lighthouserevolution  

what is your BIG vision for your business? do you want to be a speaker... be interviewed for a popular podcast... write a best-selling book... be a thought-leader or trailblazer or revolutionary in your niche?

perhaps you haven't thought that far ahead yet... 

perhaps you have but you have no idea how you will actually go about achieving those dreams.

in this FUN, actionable, FREE webinar we are going to learn some wonderful strategies for expanding your big vision, honing in on your deeper why, and tapping into your core purpose.

let's start thinking bigger than the product or service that you sell and start mapping out this next phase of your business.

i will also be sharing my journey to evolving my business based on my true calling or purpose, expanding my vision with a very BIG why, and building a powerful mission. 

dream BIG. own your light in the world.

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Take a look at this video on YouTube:wzX dirt gnu,kl'umijkiju

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i always say you need to build YOUR biz, your way. use the tools and strategies that will help YOU. in this live spotlight Q & A we will shine a light on 2 strategies that might be just the thing that will help you in your business - feng shui and numerology. keri norley will share some of her awesome tips with us to help us to unlock the magic in our business!

join us in the free #lighthouse revolution community to continue the conversation:

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would you like to have more meaning in your life? would you like to discover what lights you up & explore how to shine your light in this world? would you like to feel ignited + aligned + empowered?

perhaps it's time to build your lighthouse! in this free webinar i will teach you exactly what i mean by that and share the 5 key lessons the lighthouse can teach us. i would love to help you get started building your lighthouse with your life today.

join us for an inspiring and actionable webinar and learn how the lighthouse can truly change your life!

click the link to pre-ask questions or share your situation - plus you will get the link to the webinar recording sent to your inbox.

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in this live Q & A i will ask angela raspass for some ideas and advice for those of us feeling the call that it is time to take the next steps on our journey. angela asks on her website:
You're at a powerful time in your life. A time to redefine who you are, what you desire, and what your contribution is to be at a deep level. A new direction is calling you. And you’re ready to listen, to give yourself permission and to take inspired action in your business and life."
join us for this live Q & A, brought to you by the #lighthouserevolution  join the discussion at the free community

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Check out this video on YouTube:

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as part of the #lighthouserevolution  we will be chatting with kerry rowett from she serves successful and ambitious entrepreneurs and high achievers who desire to live and grow in true alignment, with deep integrity. she helps people to clear blocks, release unhelpful patterns, and dissolve stagnant energy, and connect to their own power and inner knowing. i will be asking her about what it means to live a life in alignment with your purpose and ask her about some strategies we can use to clear the blocks that sometimes get in our way... i will also be asking her about kinesiology & EFT as tools that we all can use (and any other tools & strategies she might like to share!) join us for this live chat!
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