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I'm getting to be due for a new laptop, and Linus is tempting me toward the Pixel by saying everything I feel about the current state of laptops. (And having recently brought a Samsung Chromebook into the household, I was already intrigued and impressed by the possibilities of a ChromeOS-based machine.)
Then I remember that the Pixel doesn't have USB3, nor expandable memory, and I start leaning back toward an Asus Zenbook.
Toys, toys, toys..

Hey, I've joined all the cool kids in having one of the new Google "Pixel" laptops (aka Chromebooks).  And it is a beautiful screen, to the point where I suspect I'll make this my primary laptop. I tend to like my laptops slightly smaller, but I think I can lug around this 1.5kg monster despite feeling fairly strongly that a laptop should weigh 1kg or less.

Because the screen really is that nice.

And I really appreciate not just the pixels, but the form factor. I despise widescreen displays, but I had gotten resigned to them. Until now. 3:2, baby!

I don't understand why people complain about "black bars", when I can't see why it would be any different to have "no pixels at all", which is what the silly widescreen displays do. 

I'm still running ChromeOS on this thing, which is good enough for testing out some of my normal work habits (ie reading and writing email), but I expect to install a real distro on this soon enough. For a laptop to be useful to me, I need to not just read and write email, I need to be able to do compiles, have my own git repositories etc..

Side note: I also have the Nexus 10, which also has tons of pixels, but on that one I didn't get the feeling that I could use the pixels very well... Sure, I could run a web browser and make the text smaller, but without a keyboard I can't reasonably write anything, and without the option of installing a full Linux distro I couldn't see it replacing my laptop anyway, so getting a BT keyboard didn't seem all that relevant either. 

One thing that the Chromebook Pixel really brings home is how crap normal laptops have become. Why do PC manufacturers even bother any more? No wonder the PC business isn't doing well, when they stick to just churning out more crappy stuff and think that "full HD" (aka 1080p) is somehow the epitome of greatness.
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Rob Funk

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As long as Google continues disabling accounts because it doesn't like people's names, and does this in contradiction of their stated "use the name people call you" policy, I'm not going to be using Google+ nearly as much as I'd intended to. So much for this being a better Facebook.
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This just happened to a friend of mine. Account was disabled with no warning. It's a shame.
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Rob Funk

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So let me get this straight. Some bad guy breaks into some random site and gets usernames and passwords from there. Then tries those at Dropbox. Some of those passwords give access to Dropbox, because some people use the same password in multiple places. One of those users turns out to be a Dropbox employee, who had a document in his Dropbox space listing a bunch of Dropbox user email addresses. Bad guy grabs those email addresses and sells them to spammers.

Result? The web erupts with "Dropbox Hacked! Change Your Dropbox Password Now!" stories, and a bunch of people decide that Dropbox is insecure. People need to revisit the definition(s) of "hacked", and think more carefully about what happened before overreacting.

My source for what happened:
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The problem is people. Full stop.
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