Windows 8 - How Do I Use This Thing?

3 months ago, I installed Windows 8 on my laptop so that I could play around with it and get some thoughts ( I never rush to judgment on these types of things because I fully understand that people hate change and initial reactions are usually not positive.

Today it was announced that Microsoft was releasing the release preview of Windows 8, This is basically the last release before the thing goes live. Given that I have spent 3 months playing around with it, I figured I would finally share my thoughts.

They aren't good for Microsoft. Windows 8 is a serious departure from the previous Windows model and it isn't good for most people. It might be different on a touch screen device but on a regular old laptop/desktop, which what most people will use, it is much harder to use Windows 8 than it is Windows 7. Much harder.

I'm pretty tech savvy and there were times I was pulling my hair out just trying to figure out how to do simple things like launch a newly installed program (there is no start menu so you have to go to the start page, right click on "all apps", scroll to find it, hope you do find it, and then select it) ,shut my computer down, or play a video (why the heck do I need a Live account to play video?)

It's not all bad, but what Microsoft does not want is people to struggle with the OS when they start using it. And believe me, people are going to struggle. Things just don't make any intuitive sense. This is coming from a guy who actually liked the Office 2007 redo.

So my advice? Use Windows 7. Perhaps there are some improvements on the latest version but I'm skeptical if they are enough to overcome some of the basic usability issues that Windows 8 has at its core. I'll be uninstalling Windows 8 as soon as I can.

Anyone else have their own thoughts? Do you think Windows 8 is a step in the right or wrong direction?
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