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+Patrice FERLET je viens d'acheter yatse unlocker et je tombe sur ta review :D

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I just love this extension... always surprising me.

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Hi people,

Do you know what package I should install to be able to see APL fonts? Or more generally speaking, Unicode fonts?

For example, I don't see all the symbols there:

Switched to Arch today on my MBP. Was a little bit painful, but overall I really like arch! So light...

A trick I learned yesterday.

When I'm programming, I usually have a couple of windows/buffers in a specific way. Then when I want to commit or run a couple of commands in eshell, I usually lose all my windows buffers, and it takes me ~30 seconds to get back to my configuration.

Enter windows registers.

C-x r w

Asks me to enter a letter for the register I want to save my configuration in. Let's say I enter r. Then I do my stuff and when I want to come back to coding:

C-x r j r

Tada! Everything back together.

This is going to save me hours.

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Uh, yeah, no, I don't know.

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Ca fait longtemps que j'avais pas ecrit un article...

Mais c'est fait ! Sur Browserify :-)

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