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The 12 Stages every girl goes through after a break up.
Whelp. It’s happened again. Another
relationship bit the bullet. Just when you got cocky and thought you could
slide through winter gaining weight and bingeing Netflix, instead you have to retire
your sweats and pretending you like going out. Don’t panic. Y...

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Where to take your awful Tinder date.
I have been doing some freelance writing for various websites so I haven't had a ton of time to write for fun. I am going to start posting some of them on here so you at least have something to read until I can get back into my shenanigans. Here is one I ju...

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Sorry I have been MIA
Hey friends, family, and random internet stalkers! Sorry I haven't been around for a few months, but I have been crazy busy with life, work, moving, etc. I am traveling for a bit this month, but when I come back, I will have some new blogs for you guys. I h...

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
If you are anything like me,
you enjoy a good cocktail. There are so many varieties
and endless reasons to consume them too. Brunch? Bloody Marys and Mimosas, of
course. Long day at work? Have a glass of wine. Celebrating an accomplishment?
Champagne, what ...

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Power Hungry Hungry Hippos
For the first time in my
adult life, most of my female friends, including myself, are currently single.
Many, once in long term relationships, have called it quits while others have
been steadily playing the dating game for years. Despite how we all ended u...

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How to Piss off a Chicagoan.
My favorite pass time is
traveling so I often wonder with each new city I visit if there are certain
rules and regulations, if you will, that the locals implement which would make
little to no sense to an outsider. I was recently told a good
way to piss peo...

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Drinking in your 20s vs. Drinking in your 30s
Dear God, Allah, Jesus, or
anybody up there who is listening, I solemnly swear to never
drink again if you can cure me of my current condition. I am obviously dying,
and I am positive without your help, nothing will ever make me feel better
again. I have tr...

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Stop saying you live in Chicago if you are from the Suburbs.
I grew up in the Midwest in a
small suburb, and I always knew the minute I turned 18, I was going to move to
the city. I am of course referring to Chicago and not New York like some of
those ‘Hills’ bitches implied is the only one. I watched numerous friend...

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Hello friends! I'm moving!
I am now writing for Distractify so I will be publishing most of my work through them. Here is the link to my first profile and my first article. Enjoy!

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Middle (wo) man.
Amy Schumer recently posted  half naked photo of herself on instagram igniting a wide range of responses
from my social media friends.  Said photo
features Amy wearing nothing but her underwear, a pair of heels, and an awkward
look on her face while drinkin...
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