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Step By Step Africa
Doing everything we can to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa
Doing everything we can to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa

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Its a beautiful day for a bike ride! Today is the AIDS Ride 4 Africa. Please sponsor the Step By Step Africa team!

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Good to see higher value/skill work being moved from Europe to Botswana

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US Approves first overt-the-counter HIV home-use test

While this is currently only in the US, it could have huge implications across the globe

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We have been working in Ghana for the past 5 years. Great to see the country doing so well.

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The Business Leadership Council launches "For a generation born HIV free". Check it out.

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On January 18th 2012, Step by Step Africa launched our pilot of the “double-double day.” We asked one Toronto based Company (Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG/MPG Canada), for one day, to get their morning beverage at work, and donate what they would have spent on their coffee.

In just one morning’s, we raised almost $200! Imagine how much of a difference we could make if we launched this across Canada.

Over the next few months, we will be rolling out this initiative across Canadian based companies. We invite friends like you to launch this simple initiative at your office on behalf of Step by Step Africa. If you are interested, please post in the comments below or email for more information.
Double Double Day - Jan 2012 (5 photos)
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Wondering what the US presidential candidates think of Africa? Check this out.

2011: Year in Review

Step By Step Africa had a great year in 2011. Not just for what we accomplished, but also for laying the groundwork for some exciting new projects in the year ahead.

Our largest beneficiary continues to be communities in northern Ghana, under the watchful eye of our local staff, Paul Aborik. We have continued our focus on supporting HIV+ mothers and have solidified our relationships with local hospitals so that we can reach even more people.

Looking ahead, we have been working with a local support group for people impacted by HIV/AIDS and expect to begin subsidizing the cost of secondary school for HIV orphans.

2011 was a year of planning for our future operations in Uganda. Unfortunately, our partnership with Collaborative Hands of Love in Family Outreach has come to an end with the departure of our main contact, Sister Anne Muduwa. But you should expect some exciting news in the coming months as we solidify a new partnership that will be aimed primarily at HIV+ women and AIDS orphans.

In 2011 we held our 5th annual concert fundraiser. We would once again like to thank everyone that came out to the event or donated online. After lengthy debate, we decided to try something new in 2012 so stay tuned for some new events in the next twelve months.

This year also saw the first new appointment to our Board of Directors since our founding 5 years ago, with Shaindy Offenheim joining the team to spearhead our 2012 events.

Thank you everyone for a great year and we look forward to 2012!

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Amazing progress towards a vaccine coming from a Canadian university

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Similar to a previous post about a decrease in AIDS related deaths, the death toll from malaria is falling too. While these improvements should be celebrated, they are just the first step in a long fight.
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